Denim Brands Find a Perfect Fit with Centric Fashion PLM

Manage materials more efficiently, speed time to market and handle increasing numbers of products, sizes and styles with a PLM solution tailored to the needs of denim brands.

Buckle Up

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Business Growth vs Fierce Challenges

It’s a tough and competitive environment for denim brands.

To stay ahead and boost bottom lines, denim companies need to design and deliver new, on-trend and classic styles to the market quickly while ensuring strong differentiation in product, fit and quality to protect brand longevity. The number of products denim brands make is increasing, with the need to adapt styles and sizing to accommodate a wider range of customer body types across different regions and to plan, create and manage collections for multiple distribution channels, including wholesale, retail and e-commerce. On top of all this, denim brands must minimize expenses linked to rising labor and material costs, and there is pressure to use environmentally responsible fabrics and production methods. How can your denim business handle it all?


Harness the Power of Centric Fashion PLM and Raise Your Competitive Game

Discover the real-world benefits Centric Fashion PLM brings to top denim brands, from faster and more dynamic product development to enhanced supplier collaboration to reduced costs and faster time to market.

Silver Jeans Co.’s Story

This Canadian, innovative, denim brand cuts sample lead times by 25%, doubles number of product lines and reduces production lead times by 10% with Centric Fashion PLM.

Discover Mustang’s PLM Project

Centric Fashion PLM drives product range expansion, streamlines product development, increases productivity and improves collaboration at iconic jeans company!

Manage Growth with PLM

Growth is a great problem to have! See how Silver Jeans Co. tackled the challenges of more products, more offices and more channels with Centric Fashion PLM in this webinar replay.

Materials Management

The Materials Management module in Centric Fashion PLM helps denim companies gain greater control and visibility with an accurate, central, easy-to-access repository for all materials details. Read on for more!

Iconic Denim Brands Around the World Trust Centric Fashion PLM