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Leading outdoor cushion and fabric company gets ahead of market conditions with technology

Arden, the leading outdoor cushion and fabric company, wanted to drive productivity within the organization but their product information was scattered in various files, spreadsheets and email. As a supplier to major retailers and with a thriving e-commerce business, Arden was eager to tackle the challenges to scalability.

They identified three areas of focus:

  • A definitive single source of truth
  • Process to launch
  • Cohesive supply chain

Learn how Arden successfully surmounted each of the targeted hurdles to scalability with a product lifecycle management (PLM) solution that they implemented over a decade ago! With over 50 years in existence, the company is forward-thinking and invested early in technology to secure their future. Benefit from their experience and read their journey through changes in their business, relying on the flexibility and innovation of PLM to get ahead of market disruption, changing trends and shifting consumer behaviors.
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About Arden

Founded in 1964, Arden is a leading outdoor cushion and fabric provider for the US, Canada and Mexico. Lowe’s, Home Depot, Walmart are a few key customers. The company produces both retailer private label and their own national brands. Arden has 12 facilities across the globe with 4 manufacturing sites in the US. They have a thriving e-commerce business and are following sustainable practices.


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