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Stay Beautiful with Centric PLM for Beauty & Cosmetics

Cosmetics and beauty brands are under increasing pressure to offer products in line with fashion-driven trends, establish bestseller products that will survive multiple seasons and put more focus on innovation, quality and sustainability. Centric Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) empowers cosmetics and beauty companies to gain full control of workflow management, entirely track processes from start to finish and create a flawless process for product management, all in a single environment.

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Discover Centric PLM for Cosmetics and Beauty Brands

Cosmetics and beauty products are complex. Products can consist of multiple components including the bulk, primary package, secondary package, labels, accessory and point of purchase (POP) display. Here are just some of the ways Centric PLM helps cosmetics and beauty brands stay competitive and on top of processes in a growing and dynamic market.



is faster with Centric PLM’s single source of the truth approach by cutting out bottlenecks, re-work, downtime, superfluous & unnecessary communications, manual data entry and more. Teams can define a time of launch and keep a monitored status update about each project and quickly overcome any road-blocks.



is enhanced throughout the supply chain with Centric Beauty PLM, making it easier to ensure a smooth workflow and process for each project, stay compliant, ensure traceability and sustainable practices, work more closely with suppliers and appeal to transparency-conscious consumers.



are increased with better financial and cost management capabilities. Teams can define financial targets and create benchmarks, keep track of real-time margin calculations and maintain visibility of a project’s real-time performance. Sandbox costing scenarios before committing to production and better elevate profitability and shape well-rounded collections.



between design, R&D, product teams, merchandising and suppliers is improved with a single PLM platform for all product-related information and real-time communication. The ability to effectively manage multiple products at once allows more products to be added to a project and keep teams connected at all times.



is improved with more transparent supplier communication and the ability to carry out quality control checks and factory audits on the spot. Easily manage packaging and labelling requirements for different cosmetic and beauty markets whilst keeping brand DNA at the heart of every product.



new cosmetics and beauty product introductions and omni-channel merchandising allocation are improved with Centric PLM’s calendar management and merchandising modules and the ability to see what’s in the seasonal line at a glance.



and trading partners can be connected to Centric PLM so they can streamline the RFQ process by collaborating on prices, schedules, samples, quality testing and documentation and share technical information about products in development. Many suppliers can work on a single item and PLM tightly controls this process.



is improved with Centric PLM’s ability to handle complex, multi-level Bills of Material, multiple projects and keep track of suppliers, and store up-to-date prices in one central place.



product data sharing and management with a ‘single source of actionable truth’ that gets all teams on the same page means less time wasted, fewer errors, more value-added work and happier employees!

Fast-Paced and Challenging Market

More than ever, the cosmetics and beauty market is driven by fast-changing trends that mirror the pace of fashion. Consumers are willing to invest seriously in beauty products that are good for them and the planet, but there’s a dizzying world of choice out there. Social media means that consumers expect newer and better beauty and personal care products faster, and the competition from new business models like beauty box businesses, retailers, online-only stores and celebrity brands has exploded.

On top of this, consumers increasingly want ‘clean’ products, in terms of ingredients, traceability and sustainability. Clean beauty is not just a trend – it’s a lifestyle that increasing numbers of consumers are embracing, and willing to pay for. 77% of consumers say they would pay more for products with sustainable packaging, for instance.

Centric PLM can help your cosmetics or beauty brand to face the future, better track processes whilst adhering to your brand DNA amid these challenges!

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How Can Centric PLM Drive a Beautiful Business?

Centric PLM can help cosmetics and beauty brands keep pace with trends to launch more successful products through more channels, faster, to improving supply chain traceability.


Shorten R&D and production cycles with time-saving innovations such as fully-integrated 3D design to facilitate on-trend new product introductions that hit the market quickly.


Centric PLM eliminates miscommunication, rework and lost time by improving team collaboration and streamlining communication with external suppliers and across internal departments.


Design, merchandising, planning, product development, testing, sourcing, procurement, production, retail and external suppliers can work on one platform with a single source of truth.


Centric’s Digital Concept Board provides creative, product and R&D teams a visual platform for fast creative ideation, decision-making, collaboration and innovative product development.


Centric PLM and the Centric Digital Buying Board make it possible to plan collections more effectively using visual tools, align with financial targets and make decisions based on real-time analytics.


Creating calendars and workflows in Centric PLM keeps teams on track, while the time and money saved using a real-time digital platform to communicate increases overall productivity despite an increase in SKUs.

More Sustainable Packaging and Clearer Labelling with Centric PLM

Consumers are increasingly aware of environmental and supply chain issues, including the use of unsustainable or unhealthy materials and plastic waste. This means an increasing demand for ‘clean’ products that guarantee sustainability and traceability in their packaging, ingredients and manufacturing practices. Brands are introducing features like recycled packaging for the first time, reduced shipment packaging and are becoming more transparent about the impact of individual products.

Centric PLM enables cosmetics and beauty companies to take more control of their packaging and labelling, supply chain and processes by more closely connecting teams working on R&D, packaging, labelling and artwork design. Centric PLM makes it easier to manage design and development details, localize labels across different markets and geographies, store data on the sustainable credentials of materials, compare sourcing details and quotes and optimize the use of packaging materials to minimize waste.

This isn’t just good for the planet – it’s good for business profits too. Controlling materials efficiently can mean saving millions when the cost of a few grams of extra packaging is scaled up across your entire product output.

KIKO Milano’s PLM Success Story

Italian cosmetics brand KIKO Milano implemented Centric PLM to manage product data better and shorten the product development process. Centric PLM is a key component of KIKO Milano’s digital transformation, with data centralized in a single repository that is 100% accurate and visible, clear milestone management and better margin control that enables KIKO Milano to offer quality products at affordable prices with precise costing in real time.

Watch KIKO’s Story

Time for a Digital Makeover?

If you’re wondering whether Centric Beauty PLM could make your business work more efficiently, get in touch today to book a personalized demo and talk about your specific challenges with our industry experts!