Centric Powers PLM Transformation at YOOX NET-A-PORTER GROUP




In addition to being the online retail partner of choice for leading fashion and luxury brands, YNAP designs and produces private label products, accounting for over 4,000 SKUs per season across a number of brands. As volumes increased, the company realized that email and spreadsheets were insufficient. They needed a single view of products from design to delivery, with a detailed view of all the processes in-between.

YNAP began searching for a solution that would help manage the entire lifecycle of a product from prototype to production, check the gap between the initial budget for each brand and the real cost of goods ordered, track the cost of samples and communicate with suppliers using one standard format and platform. Centric PLM™ fit the bill.

YNAP’s Italy-based private labels team now uses Centric PLM. With no data duplication required or even allowed, there are considerable time savings. Centric PLM has already resulted in a faster and more efficient product development process, as YNAP can track costs, samples and production in a way that is traceable and easy for everyone to understand on a single platform.

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