Close the gap between inspiration and the customer with the industry's first patent-pending mobile apps for Centric 8 PLM.


Product Notes

Add searchable, editable notes to product inspiration images using the Product Notes Mobile App for Centric 8 PLM software for retail, fashion, footwear and consumer goods companies.

Mobile devices make capturing style ideas with high-quality photos easy. But the inspiration, thoughts and ideas behind the photos can become lost between the trade shows or buying trip and the office. Centric’s Product Notes Mobile App lets users add notes to photo files, attaching the information to the image in a searchable, filterable, usable format.

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Field Testing

Specifically designed for outdoor, footwear and apparel companies to help them both track the performance and usage of prototypes and samples of clothing, footwear and hard goods, Centric Software’s Field Testing mobile app is a new and unique innovation on the market. This new app works seamlessly with Centric’s PLM suite or, alternatively, can be used as a stand-alone solution and brings PLM to the field to reduce costs and bring quality products to the market faster.

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Factory Audit

Capture It

In the fashion industry, where a picture is worth more than a thousand words, the immediacy and accuracy of the Capture It for iPhone App can make all the difference.

With Centric 8’s Capture It for iPhone App, images are uploaded directly into the PLM software system—anytime, anywhere—making them available for review, markup and analysis. Designers can instantly capture inspiration to include in trend boards and ultimately in product lines. Supplier sample evaluation becomes much more accurate and efficient. On buying trips, communication is faster, more exact and more visual.

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Material Sample

Enter material samples—with accompanying photos and notes—into a material sample library and track them throughout the evaluation process.

Centric’s Material Sample Mobile App provides a simple way to track materials through the sample validation process, and integrate the information into the Centric 8 PLM solution.

With Material Sample Mobile App, staff can quickly and easily put material photos—and accompanying notes—into a material sample library within Centric 8 PLM. After evaluation, it’s easy to promote selected samples (and notes) to the Centric 8 material library.

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Factory Audit

Sample Review

Quickly view and edit sample and style data with easy-to-use, robust editing tools on any iOS-enabled device

Companies in the retail, apparel, footwear, luxury and consumer goods industries face a sample review process that often is tedious and repetitive. They understand that eliminating the sample review bottleneck effectively will speed products to market and deliver bottom-line results.

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Showroom mobile app allows sales teams to present collections and record preorders and orders while meeting with buyers in a showroom or market week setting.

Many sales teams carry paper catalogs into sales meetings with B2B customers then use paper or spreadsheets to record orders and customer interest during the meeting then have to rekey everything when back at their desk. With Showroom directly connected to PLM, sales can access up-to-date product information, create custom assortments and capture order quantities in real time and on the spot.

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Fit Review

Centric’s Fit Review Mobile App moves PLM software for retail, fashion, footwear and consumer goods into the real world where designers work.

Fit professionals often conduct sessions, take copious measurement notes, and then return to their desks to enter the data into PLM software. Centric’s Fit Review Mobile App lets a fit professional take a mobile device into the fit session, view and sort reviewed styles, and enter measurements and comments directly into the Centric 8 PLM solution.

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Factory Audit

Factory Audit

Conduct and document onsite factory audits, and streamline the online onsite vendor compliance process with any iOS mobile device.

Record data on the spot as you conduct assessments, enter ratings for each custom-defined category, and note and examine specific compliance issues. Findings can be recorded in a variety of formats, including text, photographs, or in audio files using the device’s microphone.

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CollectionBook for iPad ®

Present customers with visually appealing, highly targeted, up-to-date product collections and catalogs.

The Centric 8 PLM system captures design changes made only minutes before styles walk the runway at fashion events. That up-to-the-minute, style option and availability information is delivered by the PLM system directly to customers through a visually appealing, highly intuitive, Collection Book for Fashion app on the iPad mobile device platform. Best of all: the Collection Book presentation is easily controlled by merchandising staff (not the PLM system) to optimize product presentation to customers.

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3D Sample Review

Many product designers, developers and pattern-makers use the traditional fit review process, which is one of the most time-consuming and expensive aspects of getting a product from the design stage to final production for retail.

With Centric’s 3D Sample Review mobile app, users cut steps out of the traditional sample fit process by fully leveraging a virtual workflow and taking advantage of everything 3D has to offer. Users review digital samples created by 3D vendors or in-house artists in virtual fit scenarios, add comments and receive amended digital samples all in Centric PLM. Save time, money and labor and increase the number of design iterations. Everything is done live, during the fit session to eliminate rework and eradicate bottlenecks!

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3d sample review

Retail Review

Accurate assessment of stores against operating standards, policies, procedures.

With the Retail Review Mobile App, store reviewers can easily measure, analyze and encourage improvement of standards and programs in stores. The Retail Review Mobile App creates a real-time circular flow of information, from inception to store shelf, and from the designer’s inspiration to the customer experience.

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Switchboard Switchboard


Capture image-based information from any source—drawings, doodles, measurements, other apps—and attach to business objects in Centric 8 with just a few clicks.

With Switchboard Mobile App, users can capture any PDF- or image-based output from a favorite mobile app and incorporate that information in the Centric 8 PLM solution. For example, designers can work with favorite electronic drawing and measurement tools, sketchbooks and more. With just a few clicks, their notes, doodles and sketches can attach to business objects in the Centric 8 PLM solution.

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3D Capture It

3D Capture It is for material developers to capture material images and publish them as 3D textures to Centric PLM.

Many material developers are asked to capture and process material images to create 3D textures. This is a time-consuming process that may require multiple iterations to get reasonable results.

With this app, material developers can take photos of materials with their device, and they will be automatically processed for 3D use, and the results can be directly uploaded to the Centric 8 material record from the device.

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Sketch Capture

Centric’s Sketch Capture app is for designers to capture and transform paper sketches and publish them directly to Centric PLM.

Many designers use pen and paper to concept new product and material designs. This information needs to be scanned and imported to PLM when they are ready to share their designs.

With this app, they can capture sketches and the system will auto crop and de-skew the image. The processed image is published to the PLM system in the background and is available when they get back to their desk.

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Centric’s Inspiration app is for designers to use while traveling to collect photos of product and material inspirations on the go.

Designers keep an eye out for trends and new product ideas, and they use foam core boards to organize pare prints of the inspirations they find. With this app, designers can add photos to theme boards that are managed in the PLM system and to the related styles and materials they are researching.

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Tap into our mobile SDK

Extend the power of Centric 8 PLM by creating tailor-made apps to fit your company’s specific objectives with our Mobile SDK.

Centric’s industry-first, patent-pending mobile apps for PLM are nothing short of groundbreaking. Centric’s Mobile Apps SDK allows companies to customize Centric 8 PLM by creating specific apps that aren’t already in Centric’s system. Learn more about becoming an SDK partner.

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