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Balance Innovation and Tradition

Digitally transform planning, design, development, sourcing, pricing and inventory with powerful AI‑driven, best-of-breed solutions. Drive creativity, boost profitability, stay close to consumers and never compromise on craftsmanship and quality.

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Trusted by the world’s top luxury brands and retailers.

Empowering luxury companies to optimize go-to-market while upholding heritage.

Bring high quality collections to market, drive creativity and boost the bottom line - without losing focus on the unrivalled workmanship that makes luxury goods so captivating. Don't take our word for it: see the ROI for brands and retailers like yours.


faster time to market


reduced inventories


reduced COGS


increase in margin


boost in productivity


decrease in spreadsheets

Innovation and attention to detail are hallmarks of luxury, but rapid change is reshaping this market. Centric provides solutions.

There is more choice than ever before, and consumers expect a personalized, seamless buying experience. Maintaining a focused collection reflecting brand DNA is imperative. Centric’s product concept to replenishment platform offers scaleable, AI-driven solutions to anticipate the challenges, trends and evolving consumer preferences.

Free teams to focus on creativity

Empower teams with digital tools that eliminate time-wasting work like searching for data, fixing errors, updating spreadsheets and playing with paper. Embed efficiency, automation and quality from financial planning to merchandising to product launch.

Overcome complex supply chains

Give teams and external stakeholders the power to collaborate effectively in real time. Align the entire value chain of suppliers or owned operations with compliance and sustainability tracking. Enable consumer-facing transparency.

Speed time to retail

Improve collaboration to shorten product lifecycles. Quickly develop new collections with reusable attributes and libraries. Leverage AI and market intelligence to turn analytical and visual data into informed decision-making and rapid execution.

Maximize product margins

Optimize financial and merchandise planning, pricing, product assortments, demand forecasting and inventory allocation and replenishment. Meet MOQs, even for exclusive and expensive materials. Reduce waste from sampling to production.

Enable sustainability

Keep up with consumers' evolving expectations around sustainability. Gain supply chain transparency from supplier details, quality and compliance checks to 'reshoring' of manufacturing. Transform sampling with 3D integration.

Ensure quality and compliance

Quickly access and update tech packs, technical data sheets, patterns and grading. Reduce risk by ensuring compliance with regional regulations. Collaborate with suppliers to get products to market faster without compromising on quality.

A Seamless experience from pre-season to in-season to end of season

Discover Centric’s Market-Driven Solutions

Invest in highly-configurable, out-of-the-box and easy-to-use modular solutions to optimize every step of bringing a product to market.

Centric PLM

Reduce costs and time to market. Improve collaboration to get products to market fast while improving sustainability with market-leading product lifecycle management.

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Centric Planning

Build and execute your Merchandise Financial Plan and develop assortments to boost margins, improve forecasting and optimize results with powerful, AI-driven retail planning.

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Centric Pricing & Inventory

Automate pricing decisions for all products across categories and channels and optimize allocation and replenishment to increase margins, revenue and sell-through.

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Centric Market Intelligence

Gain insights into competitor assortment and pricing strategies, understand consumer trends and buying behavior and spot market opportunities.

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Centric Visual Boards

Boost marketing, merchandising and design collaboration and optimize assortments with highly-visual and data-connected digital boards.

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Innovate faster, optimize assortments and fuel growth with
Centric's integrated suite of solutions.

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