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Get Consumer-Driven Products to
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Digitally transform product concept to replenishment from pre-season to in-season to end of season.

Connect and optimize planning, design, development, sourcing, pricing and inventory.

Streamline product development and leverage market intelligence to optimize go-to-market.

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Seamlessly link the value chain to bring more profitable collections to market on time. Don't take our word for it: see the ROI for brands and retailers like yours.


improved margins


reduced inventories


faster time to market


increase in productivity

1 week

from 1 month reduced planning cycle


decrease in spreadsheets

Benefit from strategic, operational and competitive advantages.

The fashion industry is dynamic and competitive.
Centric provides industry-driven AI solutions.

Fashion is a pressurized, highly-seasonal business, facing external market uncertainty and internal workplace challenges. To stay ahead of the curve, you need Centric’s product concept to replenishment platform which offers scaleable, AI-driven solutions to anticipate the challenges, trends and evolving consumer preferences.

Launch products for omnichannel

Analyze huge amounts of data to quickly gain a true snapshot of where, how and what customers like to buy, from best-performing products to the exact locations and channels. Leverage this real-time data for accurate replenishment strategies.

Reduce costs

Do more with the same resources. Streamline material purchases, cut last-minute shipping costs, meet MOQs and negotiate bulk buys. Gain visibility into supply chains, get ahead of disruptions, clear stock in-season and optimize inventories.

Speed time to market

Reduce bottlenecks and improve workflows. Execute fast and improve cross-team collaboration and communication to get the right products to market on time and before the competition.

Maximize product margins & sell-through

Deep dive into pricing, material costs and product margins with end-to-end solutions for financial and in-season planning. Enhance demand forecasting to produce only what consumers want to buy and leverage AI to optimize sell-through.

Ensure sustainability & quality

Reduce excess inventory, discounting and waste while driving and tracking sustainability initiatives. Transform sampling with 3D integration and create high-quality products while maintaining profitability.

Boost collaboration & innovation

Free design teams from admin to focus on creating high-quality products. Enable teams and external stakeholders to collaborate visually and in real time. Reduce errors and manual tasks to streamline workflows and improve team happiness.

A Seamless experience from pre-season to in-season to end of season

Discover Centric’s Market-Driven Solutions

Invest in highly-configurable, out-of-the-box and easy-to-use modular solutions to optimize every step of bringing a product to market.

Centric PLM

Reduce costs and time to market. Improve collaboration to get products to market fast while improving sustainability with market-leading product lifecycle management.

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Centric Planning

Build and execute your Merchandise Financial Plan and develop assortments to boost margins, improve forecasting and optimize results with powerful, AI-driven retail planning.

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Centric Pricing & Inventory

Automate pricing decisions for all products across categories and channels and optimize allocation and replenishment to increase margins, revenue and sell-through.

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Centric Market Intelligence

Gain insights into competitor assortment and pricing strategies, understand consumer trends and buying behavior and spot market opportunities.

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Centric Visual Boards

Boost marketing, merchandising and design collaboration and optimize assortments with highly-visual and data-connected digital boards.

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Accelerate innovation and fuel growth with Centric's seamlessly integrated go-to-market solutions.

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