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What is PLM for Manufacturers and Manufacturing?

Manufacturing PLM is a foundation technology that provides a ‘single source of truth’ for product-related processes in a central, digital location, updated in real time and accessible to everyone who is involved in getting a product from initial concept to completion and delivery, from design to sourcing to your customers.

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Manufacturing PLM aligns manufacturers and their customers in a cloud-based digital environment, resulting in much faster production timelines and time to market. Collaborating within PLM, as opposed to with spreadsheets or via a simple portal, makes it easier and faster to find correct information and properly manage every aspect of the R&D, product development, costing and sampling process, including responding to RFPs, building tech packs, quality testing, compliance documentation and more. Manufacturers and their customers enjoy greater transparency, better communication, fewer errors and time savings.


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Learn How to Power Up Operations with Centric Manufacturing PLM

Want to dive deeper into the details of how Manufacturing PLM helps manufacturers of all sizes tackle challenges such as greater numbers of SKUs with shorter production runs, product personalization, higher production timelines, stricter compliance and transparency obligations, changing tariffs and other market transformation factors? Dive into our educational resources on PLM for manufacturers, including an in-depth white paper, blog posts and webinar replay to learn more.

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What is Manufacturing PLM?

PLM stands for Product Lifecycle Management. Manufacturing PLM links everyone involved in getting a product from concept to completion on a single digital platform for improved communication, collaboration and speed.
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What results are Centric customers getting with Manufacturing PLM?

Manufacturers who choose Centric Manufacturing PLM enjoy more streamlined product development, fewer errors, faster production times, better communication with customers and more.
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Is PLM hard to implement?

Centric Manufacturing PLM is easy to implement, with zero coding, full support from the Centric team, comprehensive training and Agile Deploymenttm methodology to implement in stages.
Learn more about Agile Deployment .

What is the difference between ERP and PLM?

ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) manages many of the  ‘back office’ aspects of business transactions such as issuing purchase orders, maintaining supplier databases and tracking inventory. PLM includes all of the iterative and creative processes that make up the elements of a product’s lifecycle and delivers a competitive advantage that ERP cannot. ERP is limited without PLM, but they work well in tandem. Which should be implemented first?  Many say PLM as products begin in PLM and clean PLM data flows into ERP, thus ensuring one version of the truth.
Get the details in our white paper.

Does PLM manage sourcing?

Absolutely. Centric’s Product Sourcing module makes it possible to manage compliance documents, materials data, supply chain details supplier performance, sample tracking and audits in Centric Manufacturing PLM.
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Does PLM manage materials?

Yes. The Materials Management module in Centric Manufacturing PLM helps OEM/ODM manufacturers and brands with in-house manufacturing gain greater control and visibility over materials with an accurate, central, easy-to-access repository for all materials details. Read more about Materials Management.
Read more about Materials Management.

Does PLM help ensure quality products?

Definitely. Centric Manufacturing PLM centralizes all product-related data and communication in real time on a single digital platform, manufacturers experience fewer production errors. The Quality Management module streamlines the quality control process, improving cost-effectiveness and ensuring a safety or quality recall doesn’t ruin your reputation.
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Does PLM help manage BOMs?

Yes. You can manage and build BOMs within Centric Manufacturing PLM, which seamlessly connects to Adobe® Illustrator to make BOM building easier and more efficient.
Find out how in this webinar replay.

How does PLM support sustainable manufacturing?

Centric Manufacturing PLM can help directly track the compliance, sustainability and social impact of the manufacturing of each product, starting with raw materials and going all the way through to retail.
Find out more about how PLM supports sustainability.

Does PLM manage changing tariffs?

Absolutely. Centric Manufacturing PLM helps manufacturers to handle economic pressures with more flexible sourcing, greater visibility into the impact of tariffs in ‘what-if’ scenarios and tighter control of logistics.
Find out how one of our footwear brands uses PLM and how you can too!

How does a manufacturer know if they are are ready for plm?

We’ve put together a helpful guide on what you need to consider, from assessing resources to getting your data in order.
Read the guide here.

How do I make a business case for PLM

If you need to persuade decision-makers that PLM is right for your manufacturing business, it’s crucial to define the challenges, do your research to identify alternative solutions, and highlight the benefits of a PLM implementation.
Read this white paper to find out more.

How do I pick the right PLM partner for my business?

The most effective manufacturing PLM solutions innovate and evolve in response to the needs of their customers, working in partnership to deliver results.
Find out more about choosing the perfect PLM partner.

Does PLM support made-to-measure?

Yes! Our customer EEKA, a Chinese apparel brand that specializes in made-to-measure women’s clothing, chose Centric Manufacturing PLM to streamline the made-to-measure development process.
Read about it here

Does Centric Manufacturing PLM integrate with 3D CAD solutions?

Yes! Centric 3D Connect enables 3D designers to work in their native 3D environment while directly connected to Centric Manufacturing PLM. 3D designs can then be used throughout the product development cycle by anyone whether they are a 3D expert or not. 3D renderings can be used to streamline the product development process so designs can be visualized sooner, virtual samples can be created and commented on without the need to produce and ship physical prototypes saving time and reducing costs.
Read more about innovative Centric PLM 3D Connect here

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