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Outdoor & Sports Lifestyle Brands and Retailers

Streamline Product Development and Power Customization with Centric PLM

With Centric Lifestyle Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) deliver products that meet and exceed consumer expectations, offer personalization options, optimize time to market and more.

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Innovate Consumer-Responsive Products, Fast.

Outdoor lifestyle brands and retailers are particularly consumer-driven. It’s not enough to simply offer desirable products. Consumers of outdoor lifestyle products demand authenticity in the products and experiences which match their particular way of living. Sustainability is particularly important for consumers who identify with an outdoors, nature-based lifestyle. Added to this is the rising demand for affordable, customized clothing, with a new breed of consumers seeking bespoke and personalized products. They know what they want and are not willing to compromise.

This all adds up to a superb business opportunity for outdoor lifestyle brands and retailers, but it’s one in which great product design, quality, fit and attention to detail is vital. Unfortunately it’s way too easy for outdoor lifestyle brands and retailers to lose focus on the product, especially when they’re drowning in a sea of data, sketches, samples, supplier communications and emails.

Centric PLM transforms product development for outdoor lifestyle brands and retailers, delivering visibility, accountability and transparency from initial design through development, manufacturing and into retail. This gives outdoor lifestyle brands and retailers the freedom to create the innovative, sustainable and personalized products that consumers want, at the level of quality and product margin required to meet strategic growth plans.

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Centralize data to drive business growth

Teams access a real-time single source of truth to boost collaboration and make decisions faster.

Remove bottlenecks with workflow management, seasonal line planning, task hand-offs, alerts, templates, libraries and mobile and social PLM.

Easily co-create and communicate with suppliers through the vendor portal to get better, more profitable products to market quickly.

Gymshark increased productivity by 30% with Centric.

Accelerate product design and development

Connect product designers and developers directly with merchandise planners and suppliers. Save time, cut errors and develop original products fast.

Designers can work in Adobe® Illustrator and many leading 3D CAD solutions connected to PLM, to reduce time-consuming data entry and drive innovation.

Kickstart product development with templates and fabric, color, trim, label and component libraries.

Volcom now enters styles 7x faster with Centric.

Improve product margins and meet MOQs

Give teams a real-time view of planned collections, target margins and actual margins. Automatically update figures as decisions are made.

Issue supplier RFPs en masse and compare easily to optimize sourcing. Consolidate suppliers across all product lines for best pricing.

‘What-if?’ best price to value scenarios to reduce supplier, production, shipping and material costs, meet MOQs and drive efficiency.

Meet quality and safety standards

Manage quality, consumer product safety and compliance to meet international standards and protect brand reputation.

Assign quality, performance and safety goals based on company-wide and channel-specific standards to maintain consistency across retail operations.

PLM-connected mobile apps and templates let teams cut through unnecessary data, complete audits and reviews faster and share results in real time.

Enable personalization options

Define and maintain product structure by component. Pull together components quickly to create an individual tech pack for a given order.

Connect with systems like ERP to access delivery deadlines, inventory levels and other data essential to move custom orders into production.

Define product personalization options early and update in real-time to efficiently manage custom options like color, size and fit.

Commit to sustainability and transparency

Track sustainability and transparency initiatives. Document how suppliers meet ethical and environmental expectations.

Transform sampling and packaging with 3D design technology. Fewer physical samples reduces waste, saves money and minimizes shipping impacts.

Manufacture the right volume of demand-led products, reducing over-stocking and wastage.

Integrating best practices for lifestyle brands

Our PLM solutions are built hand-in-hand with the world’s top outdoor lifestyle brands and retailers and incorporate best practices gleaned from hundreds of successful implementations. Centric PLM is highly configurable, scalable and easy to use.

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Our Solutions

Discover what makes Centric Software® innovations so unique

  • Centric PLM

    Flexible, modular PLM solution that provides a single, actionable version of truth for internal and external teams. Streamline end-to-end product development and launch for both soft and hard goods, footwear and more. Drive greater transparency, efficiency and control with built-in best practices.

    Centric PLM
  • Enterprise Connectivity

    Easily connect Centric PLM with platforms such as ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), e-commerce, PIM (Product Information Management), DAM (Data Asset Management), quality management software, 2D and 3D CAD design software and more, leveraging PLM data throughout the business for greater efficiency.

    End-to-End Connectivity
  • Centric 3D Connect

    Connect PLM with leading 3D CAD solutions like SOLIDWORKS, AutoCAD and many more. Seamless 3D workflows empower collaborative product design, reduce iterations and cut costs and time with 3D prototyping and fit reviews. Easily push photorealistic product images to e-commerce channels and in-store.

  • Adobe® Illustrator PLM Connect

    Empower design and product development teams to access creative, technical and production details from PLM libraries, sketch and start building BOMs from Adobe® Illustrator. Liberates teams to focus on developing the right consumer-responsive products, at the right time, for the right channel.

  • Centric SMB

    SaaS, cloud-based, scalable PLM solution that evolves as your organization grows or as your strategic needs change. Implementation is quick and simple so your business can experience benefits straight away. No need for an in-house IT team. Upgrade easily to Centric PLM and add features as needed.

  • Centric PLM Mobile Apps 

    Capture inspiration on the go, make faster decisions, cut time to market and maintain consistency from quality control to retail presentation with 15 PLM-connected mobile apps. Provide digitally native teams with user-friendly, intuitive mobile and social tools to attract and retain the best talent.

  • Agile Deployment

    Centric’s unique Agile Deployment methodology gets customers up and running in months or even weeks to deliver the fastest ROI in the industry. Deploy remotely if needed, minimize the total cost of ownership and update easily. Get a lean version of PLM in just days with Quick Start packages.

  • Centric Visual Boards

    Our family of intuitive digital workspaces transforms collaborative decision-making. Concept Board drives design and product innovation, Merchandising Board optimizes assortment planning and Buying Boards for retail and wholesale enhance assortment presentation and maximize sales.

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Centric PLM End-to-End Connectivity

Learn more about how outdoor lifestyle companies achieve digital transformation with PLM

“Our users were dissatisfied and frustrated with our legacy PLM system. We faced a decision as a company. Should we continue on with the scheduled upgrade, or take a step back and re-evaluate our options?”

Global Head of IT

ARMEDANGELS started out making T-shirts but has considerably expanded and diversified its product collection, and needed to reappraise workflows and operations in order to keep up with the demands of success. ARMEDANGELS’ commitment to fair trade practices and sustainable, organic materials added another layer of complex data to its product lifecycle.

With tech packs and BOMs in Excel sheets and information scattered across various documents and emails, Marine Layer needed a place to store shared information that people could access quickly and easily. In order to get everybody on the same page and maintain a history of products from past seasons, Marine Layer decided to invest in a PLM solution.

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