MAXRIENY drives multi-brand & multi-business strategy with Centric PLM

MAXRIENY drives multi-brand & multi-business strategy with Centric PLM


3 months complete implementation

MULTI-BRAND strategy powered by PLM

50+ BI reports improve decision-making



CC Universe, parent company of MAXRIENY, was already on a path to digitalization. However, processes were managed using separate systems and offline data, making it difficult to track R&D and production progress. Unclear job duties and business processes led to inefficient communication and difficulties with inter-departmental cooperation. With unsystematically managed brand resources and manual reports, it was challenging to support multi-brand strategic development.

CC Universe approached Centric Software to provide a Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) solution that was suited to their unique business model and would cover the full spectrum of product planning, production and sales. Centric Fashion PLM was implemented in just 3 months – a full month ahead of schedule.

With Centric Fashion PLM, business processes and defining roles are streamlined in one central digital location. Product development is transparent and visual. A multi-brand and multi-business corporate development strategy is supported with a comprehensive design and R&D brand knowledge repository. Valuable data is now gathered within Centric Fashion PLM to generate 50+ different business intelligence reports, providing a basis for better decision-making. Centric Fashion PLM reduces inefficiencies and improves accuracy, ultimately enhancing the workflows of teams at CC Universe.

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MAXRIENY is a CC Universe brand, and was co-founded by Kevin Wong and his wife, Sara Wong. The brand had specific target segments in mind right from the start—fans of European medieval castle themes and fantasy elements. In just five years, sales surpassed 0.7 billion RMB in China’s already saturated ladies apparel market. Building on the success of its everyday collections, MAXRIENY has expanded into wedding and occasion wear lines.





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