Digitally Transforms Final Product Inspections

Centric’s Final Inspection module transforms the quality assurance process to improve product quality, reduce risk and deliver better products. Desktop, web and mobile apps have online/offline capabilities making them perfect for remote travel and seamless communication to development and sourcing teams.

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Verify product quality and quantities prior to purchase order acceptance and shipment of goods.

Inspections are typically a paper based process performed using generic quality evaluation criteria; a process riddled with inefficiency, delays and lost information. Brand reputation depends on product quality and final product inspections are the final check prior to the shipment of goods for sale; there is no room for defects.

Centric’s Final Inspection module helps companies make sure that high quality products are delivered to the market on time. Quality evaluation results provide valuable insight into product design issues, material flaws and supplier performance as well as shed light on other areas for improvement.

Centric’s Final Inspection Module allows brands and retailers to:

Set evaluation points

Set evaluation points and acceptable quality levels on a per product basis.

Evaluate and communicate quality

Evaluate and communicate quality criteria on a per product basis; by size, color, material, trim or other criteria for real-time transparency.

Access real-time

Access real-time aggregated information with unprecedented visibility into performance across the supply chain, not just a single supplier at a time.

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Expanding the power of PLM into quality assurance

Gain real-time visibility

Gain real-time visibility into product quality evaluations for immediate feedback to design & development teams for immediate corrective action and avoiding repeat errors.

Quality evaluation

Protect brand reputation by setting quality evaluation criteria on a per product basis; verify specific styling details, trims, colors, sizes, materials, packaging or other criteria for amazing products.

Detect quality issues

Detect quality issues across the supply chain using business intelligence tools to isolate quality issues in base components and trims prior to production finalization/signoff as opposed to taking a single supplier approach.

Reduce the risk & costs

Reduce the risk & costs of defective goods or wrong quantities prior to accepting ownership.

Take corrective action

Take corrective action in real-time to minimize the continued production of defective goods.

How does Centric’s Final Inspection Module work?

Centric’s Final Inspection Module expands Centric PLM’s digital transformation capabilities to the evaluation of final production goods prior to purchase order acceptance and product delivery.

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Digitally transform the quality assurance process with the Final Inspection Module for Centric PLM

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