Centric Fashion PLM Powers the World’s Top Fashion Brands

Centric Fashion Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) is not just any PLM! Centric Fashion PLM covers the full spectrum of bringing products to market such as merchandising, design, development, sourcing, manufacturing, compliance, assortment strategies and presentation at retail, and includes many different modules, mobile apps and digital touch boards.

Centric Fashion PLM is highly visual, easy to use and used by hundreds of fashion brands, retailers and manufacturers to drive time to market and innovation.



How Does Centric Fashion PLM Work?

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Centric Fashion PLM connects all product-related activities and product information including the entire supply chain on one cloud-based platform, giving internal and external users a single, actionable version of the truth in real time.

Centric’s visual, intuitive, user-friendly interface is familiar to Excel users but more powerful and better-connected to eliminate version control headaches, streamline critical path management and eradicate manual, data-entry related errors.

Why wait until you are back in the office? Collaborate in Centric Fashion PLM on the move with PLM solution industry–first mobile apps to boost speed and agility.

Give users high-quality business intelligence and the real-time information they need fast with personalized dashboards, reports and the ability to slice and dice data for any role, in any location.

Centric Fashion PLM builds communication across branding, design, merchandising, financial planning, development, specs, sourcing, manufacturing, quality control and presentation at retail to increase efficiency, cut costs and speed time to market.


Who Uses Centric Fashion PLM?

Anyone involved in planning, merchandising, design, development, sourcing and management should use PLM. Many people’s contributions are needed to bring products to market and PLM helps streamline who does what and when to speed time to market, reduce costs, improve innovation and boost quality while driving overall operational efficiency. Each user’s experience is personalized so they have quick access to the information that matters to them the most.

Why Have 400 Companies Dropped Their Old PLM for Centric?

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1750+ Brands Trust Centric – Want to Join the Club?

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