Superdry Uses Centric PLM To Build a Strong Foundation for Growth




Superdry’s search for a PLM solution began when it became clear that the company had outgrown its previous methods and working procedures. With teams depending on a combination of email, Excel sheets and other digital documents, crucial information would get lost or develop errors.

Superdry went through a comprehensive selection process to choose a PLM solution, eventually settling on Centric PLM™. Superdry mentioned Centric Software’s impeccable fashion credentials, as well as the configurability, agile approach and user-friendliness of Centric PLM, as critical factors in their decision.

Since implementing Centric PLM, Superdry has undergone a dramatic digital revolution. The company has streamlined the overlap between its wholesale and retail collections to create a unified range and increase on time and in full product completion from 70% to 89%. The design team now saves a week of work, four times a year, with the press of a button. With a single source of truth, visibility is improved across departments throughout the season.

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