Centric PLM Takes Mizuno USA From Pain to Peak Performance




Line planning and product development were causing headaches at Mizuno USA. Product managers would work on their collections and then reveal them at the last moment, meaning there was little to no visibility of development. The company wanted to be able to know what was in the pipeline and set realistic launch timelines.

Realizing the company needed to invest in a PLM solution to improve visibility across the product development process and centralize product information, Mizuno USA selected Centric Software’s flagship Centric 8 PLM. During the demo process, Mizuno USA noted that Centric PLM™ is intuitive, user-friendly and ‘light years ahead’ of other solutions.

Since implementing Centric PLM, Mizuno USA has ditched painful product development, increased the capacity of category managers by up to 75%, and boosted SKU numbers in one division by an impressive 10.2% in just one year. Centric has been adopted enthusiastically by users and has become the standard platform for communication and product development across the organization.

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