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In a competitive apparel market, BFGC faces pressure to get on-trend pieces to market rapidly at affordable prices. The consumer market in China is very dynamic and the consumer expects the latest trends at very affordable prices, which puts great pressure on supply chains to be more flexible and responsive.

There was a major push within Bestseller China to select a PLM partner, with strong corporate support. BFGC chose Centric 8 PLM on the basis of Centric’s configurability, which creates huge value for BFGC by cutting development costs and reducing time to market. Centric’s cloud-based solution is accessible anytime, anywhere from around the globe without degradation in performance, which is critical for BFGC.

BFGC’s first brand went live on Centric PLM™ in under 6 months. Since implementing Centric PLM, BFGC has experienced improved data consistency and communication, resulting in a faster time to market and better control over the supply chain. In 2018, Centric Software rolled out its groundbreaking Skyline architecture, which allows customers with up to 10,000 users to geographically distribute data in real time across the globe. As Bestseller China grows, Skyline is an invaluable asset to the PLM project.

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