Tackling Supplier Management Struggles

Key Challenges Faced by the
Consumer Electronics Industry 



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There is no slowdown in consumer demands for low-priced, innovative technology. Consumers today expect a high level of value with an insatiable appetite for the latest electronic products. And it’s likely that companies are relying on tens of thousands of suppliers across the globe for key components for their products. However, seeing the latest issues around supply chain disruption illustrates how it plays such a critical role in the success or failure of a business. And with countless other variables, both local and global, these can easily disrupt supply chains without warning.  

Businesses today need to be prepared. One way to alleviate the pressure companies are under is to find a better way to manage suppliers. Stop wasting significant time on outdated paper-based systems that can’t keep up with the high variabilities and frequent changes that the industry now demands. 

Today, a supplier management system needs to speed communication, prevent human error, be agile to handle adjustments and simplify the entire supplier management workflow.  

Download our guide and discover how Centric Software’s PLM for Consumer Electronics offers the technologies needed to minimize today’s supply chains while operating more efficiently. With all product data living in one digital place, teams across the business can benefit.  

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