Keeping Pace With Rapid Change at Uniek using Centric PLM




Uniek has been faced with considerable changes in the consumer goods market in the last decade. Retailers and their suppliers are dealing with the compounded challenges of introducing new products, compressing lead times and lifecycles, and innovating constantly – all without increasing operating costs.

With the mandate of increasing its SKU count without doing the same to its headcount, Uniek re-evaluated its existing product design and development systems. Impressed by tailored demos, the Centric team’s dedication and the solution’s configurability, Uniek selected Centric PLM™ to support the evolution of its business model.

Thanks to Centric PLM, Uniek has increased product variety by 50% at the SKU level and reduced product setup time from a week to 2 days. The establishment of a new, direct-to-consumer online channel is directly attributable to the PLM project. Uniek sees its partnership with Centric as an investment in the future of the business.

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