How Targus Powers Up Product Development with Centric PLM




With product development occurring across five regional offices, Targus’ procurement team had to juggle projects across regions with competing demands and priorities. The company wanted to bring global practices in line across regional teams and needed a single source of truth for product information. They also wanted to manage raw materials and suppliers with a materials library.

Targus researched a variety of systems and quickly realized that many were primarily intended for manufacturers. Targus designs and develops products but works with suppliers on the manufacturing side. They looked to the apparel world for inspiration, and selected Centric Software based on their specialized knowledge and the configurability, user-friendliness and flexibility of Centric PLM™.

With Centric PLM in place, teams at Targus collaborate efficiently across different five regional offices in four time zones. One source of truth means that product information discrepancies are a thing of the past, and users save time as data entry and redundant double entries are reduced. Crucially, the procurement team has gained global visibility to prioritize projects.

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