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Intuitive, user friendly, mobile and cloud based. See how Centric PLM works for you.

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Designers & Merchandisers


  • More time to focus on creativity
  • Stay in sync with merchandising and planning
  • Easily access fabric & trim libraries
  • No more duplicate data entry

  • Full visibility into material cost/product margins
  • Control adoption rate, what-if scenarios
  • Fast to create visual line plans & share info
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Product Teams


Product Development
  • One source of truth
  • Easy to aggregate materials/trims
  • Collaboration simplified
  • No duplicate data entry, accurate info

  • Control flow of info/sharing
  • Evaluate & rationalize supplier base
  • Fast to evaluate price quotes
  • Manage preferred suppliers

  • Full visibility & process automation for products, RFQs, orders, samples, tasks.
  • Easy to see priorities and manage accordingly.
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Management & Execs


  • Know what is going on with your products
  • Build reports faster & easier
  • Know that info is up to date and not weeks old

  • Full visibility into material cost/product margins
  • Control adoption rate, what-if scenarios
  • Fast to create visual line plans & share info

Our interconnected modules are flexible, configurable and span the entire product process.

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Merchandise Planning


Manage seasons, departments, collections and even specific styles to meet performance targets.

Merchandise Planning extends visibility from initial line plan proposal through sales commitments and recording of actuals.

Merchandise Planning’s flexible analytics use the always up-to-date product information in the Centric 8 PLM system to aid in the creation of top-down goals and bottom-up estimates. Merchandise Planning allows companies to generate realistic sales estimates, easily identify outliers that impact performance, and make decisions with confidence—based on data, not “guesstimates.”

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Product Specification


Collaborate across global teams.

Support multiple product types—from standard apparel footwear and accessories to technical sporting equipment.

Assure consistent application of materials across any family of products that share the same design elements.

Easy-to-use, click-and-go interface eliminates the need for tedious user edit/save.

What’s in it for my company?

  • Centric Product Specification enables complete communication of specifications to minimize iterations, errors and costs.
  • Design, development and sample cycles are accelerated while delay, confusion and inefficiency are eliminated.
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Materials Management


Assure a flexible, responsive supply chain.

Avoid shortages of approved materials and poorly negotiated prices with an easily-managed materials library

Manage BOM and development calendar of materials independent of product usage.

Generate material roll-up to calculate material usage across a season.

Execute full sourcing RFQ function for materials independent of styles.

What’s in it for my company?

  • Aggregate materials—by item, style, line or season and avoid under- or over-purchase of materials.
  • Empower sourcing teams to negotiate best prices and terms.
  • Reduce risk of late deliveries by monitoring material processes as tracked activities on calendars.

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Product Sourcing


Gain supply chain visibility and control.

Limited visibility hampers efforts to find the most cost-effective suppliers and impedes compliance management.

Split orders over multiple suppliers to minimize risk, or consolidate across all product lines for best pricing.

Manage supplier performance, quality and compliance tracking and audits.

Automate and track samples through every phase of the process.

Off load tedious data entry to suppliers with a secure portal.

What’s in it for my company?

  • Leverage purchasing power: Centric Product Sourcing enables supplier collaboration and management at the earliest phase of the development cycle
  • Assure product quality and compliance: Quality products are developed quickly and accurately, at the best possible costs.
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Collection Management


Put any collection in the best light.

Replace the errors and expense of out-of-date paper catalogs with dynamic, always-accurate information.

Target your markets with specific catalogs that reflect buyer preferences. Tailor price points, availability, and languages instantly to meet specific buyer’s requirements.

Use the Collection Book iPad App to display personalized catalogs—or enable personalized catalog access via a private, web-based portal.

What’s in it for my company?

  • Replace paper-based catalogs and order systems with dynamic, electronic collection books that are never out-of-date.
  • Show collections on laptops, iPads or private customer portals. Increase customer satisfaction by only showing available products. Show other options to impress customers with capabilities.

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Calendar Management


Get everyone on the same page.

Paper calendars, emails, phone calls and spreadsheets obscure critical issues that threaten on-time delivery

Define and track tasks through forward- or backward-planning calendars on multiple product lines and materials.

Create flexible calendars for products, seasons, or product lines to improve visibility while preserving creativity without rigid restrictions.

Optionally use workflows to manage lifecycles of samples and other business critical items.

What’s in it for my company?

  • Get processes under control: Managers and developers have visibility to ensure awareness of deadlines, resolve bottlenecks, track task execution, and meet market windows.
  • Boost productivity: Eliminate non productive activities, increase time for creativity
  • Nimble decision-making through higher visibility
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Quality Management


Quality matters. Ensure it every step of the way.

Streamline the processes that protect your brand identity and assure safety.


Manage quality, consumer product safety and compliance to meet international standards.

Assign quality and safety goals based on both corporate standards as well as channel-specific standards.

Test products for compliance in both sample and production stages as pass/fail—or with visibility down to specific test results recorded.

What’s in it for my company?

  • Make quality processes easier. Simplify creation of tests and test templates.
  • Create consistent test definitions to compare and contrast multiple test runs.
  • Monitor for consumer product safety mandates including REACH, CPSIA and others.

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Final Inspection


Expand the power of PLM into production

Final Inspection Module allows brands and retailers to set acceptable quality levels and evaluation points for suppliers on a per product basis as quality evaluation criteria are linked to original product specifications.

Evaluation criteria and results are communicated digitally via web or mobile app for complete, real-time transparency into both vendor performance and production output, prior to goods leaving the manufacturing site and transfer of ownership.

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Beyond traditional PLM

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Enterprise Connectivity


Assure decision makers have the right data.

Silos of data result in poor visibility and decision making, errors, and increased costs.

Support push and pull data integration to SAP, Microsoft AX Dynamics, and other industry-standard ERP systems.

Reduce errors and unnecessary costs by ensuring that everyone is working from the most current information—no matter where the source data resides.

Pull data from other systems easily using with out-of-the-box connectors

What’s in it for my company?

  • Centric Enterprise Connectivity easily integrates with existing systems, eases migration cycles, and reduces migration costs.
  • Assure that decisions are based on up-to-date, accurate information, regardless of where that information resides.

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AdobeTM PLM Connector


Collaborate on designs without impacting creativity.

Foster creativity and collaboration by managing designs within familiar Adobe tools.

Publish line art and colorways—with rich image extraction—directly to Centric 8 without leaving CS.

Pull colorway color palettes into Adobe CS products from Centric 8.

What’s in it for my company?

  • Improve productivity: manage, quickly find or leverage and re-use existing design files without impacting the creative process.
  • Avoid costly design flaws by providing development and sourcing teams earlier visibility. Reduce errors by sharing latest revisions with the entire supply chain.
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Centric’s Mobile App Software Developer’s Kit (SDK) allows companies to manage communications between Centric’s mobile apps and the Centric PLM server.

Companies can use the SDK to develop their own mobile apps or personalize existing Centric apps for their brand-specific needs.

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Rest API


Centric’s Rest API enables companies to leverage Centric data throughout the organization by connecting with business systems such as ERP, DAM or other platforms.

Users can even create their own apps to seamlessly connect or digitally transform processes without limitation.

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With the growing threat of competition, the complexities and risks of international expansion, as well as constant changing digital and social channels, brands, manufacturers and retailers must work differently. Mobility helps capture information outside of the scope of traditional systems introducing unprecedented agility and real-time reactivity without being chained to a desk. Centric Software provides innovative mobile solutions to harness the power of design and development, streamline the supply chain and empower teams to bring great products to market faster.

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