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Food and Beverage Companies: Meet Centric Software


Centric Software, the innovative leader in Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) for the most prestigious names in retail, consumer goods and fashion, is ready to disrupt the food and beverage market!

Based in Silicon Valley and backed by long-time, worldwide industry technology leader Dassault Systèmes, Centric Software blends market-leading, award-winning technology with best-in-class industry expertise. Centric PLM™ creates a digital foundation for food and beverage retailers, brands and producers to optimize product offers, bring new and refreshed products to market, manage compliance and complexity, reduce costs, boost product margins and speed time to market for business growth.

Innovation-Focused and Market-Driven

Boasting the highest user adoption, customer satisfaction and go-live rates of any PLM provider, we focus on user-friendly, mobile and powerful tools that extend PLM beyond its traditional boundaries.

Centric’s innovations are 100% market-driven, with product roadmaps developed hand-in-hand with our Customer Advisory Board to focus on real-world industry challenges. We develop agnostic, open-ended software that connects easily with other platforms like CAD, ERP, e-com, compliance databases and more to create full-scope, fully collaborative, one-version-of-the-truth solutions.

We’re sensitive to the need for a fast return on investment, utilizing our own cutting-edge Agile Deployment implementation methodology to drive a sustainable approach to deployment with the industry’s fastest time to value. We have over 400 successful PLM deployments under our belts.

In 2014, Centric became the first to offer mobile apps for PLM, for team collaboration on the move. In 2017, Centric introduced distributed, high-scale Skyline architecture, for up to 10,000 users and years and years of active data. Centric was also first to launch innovative Adobe Illustrator® Connect and 3D design connectors, empowering design and product development teams to work in familiar 2D and 3D software environments while connected to PLM.

The results? Centric customers report a 5–10% increase in sales, a reduction in time to market by 15-50%, an improvement in productivity of 10-50% and a decrease in cost of goods sold (COGS) of 5-15%.

The Centric Philosophy

Centric Software was founded on 3 pillars with a clear mission: hire the best team, build the best solutions, get the best customers…and keep them happy.

Best Team
From 23 global locations, hundreds of industry, project and IT experts partner with world-leading brands to develop and deploy the very best PLM innovations.

Best Solutions
Centric PLM is a completely configurable – no custom code – out-of-the-box PLM, cloud-based system that incorporates industry best practices. Two major and two minor releases per year keep Centric PLM updated with practical innovations; every new module and function is driven by a user story.

Best Customers
Centric Software is trusted by approximately 400 market-leading businesses bringing $700B worth of products to market every year. We are proud of our customers and gladly innovate hand-in-hand with them.

Keeping Customers Happy

Enthusiasm from the market has driven Centric’s massive growth and worldwide leadership position. Over the past year, approximately 70% of Centric customers have spoken publicly in support of Centric and 98% have provided a private reference.

When customers discover Centric, they’re delighted to find a solution that works for them! We’re proud to have a 99% customer retention rate; over 30% of our customers tried and failed with a different vendor before finding success with us.

Introducing Centric Food and Beverage PLM

Now it’s time for Centric Software to revolutionize the food and beverage market.

Centric Food and Beverage PLM sets the digital foundation for brands, retailers, producers and manufacturers to optimize the product lifecycle in a ‘single version of the truth’ digital space to bring products to market with greater speed, increased efficiency and higher product margins.