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By 2025, digital natives will be the main retail decision-makers.

They are smart, primed to embrace new technologies, and aware of the costs to implement them. They want simple, sophisticated, and sustainable products.

A product must meet a long list of characteristics to end up in their hands. It must be high-performing, well-researched, sourced, packed, and delivered responsibly, and find its perfect spot in a wider digital ecosystem.

The number of features must be “just right”. Too many, and you will be called upon. Too few, and they will run off to the competitor.

Stay on cue and listen to what they have to say now by meeting the need for simplicity, sustainability, and sophistication.

Find the sweet spot for new product development in light of key forthcoming trends:

  • Sustainable Technologies
  • Resource Shortage
  • Internet of Everything (IoE)
  • Smart Home 2.0: More Connectivity, Better Interaction
  • Online Shopping — The New Normal

This eBook is created to give retailers, brands and manufacturers the upper hand on the growing complexity and find out what it takes to secure your spot in the evolving landscape.

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