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Boosting SMB Economics with PLM

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This webinar replay is in Italian.

Making great products with spreadsheets and email is time consuming, tedious and stressful. There is a better way – it’s called Centric SMB!
Available on a subscription basis (SaaS), Centric SMB is designed to speed product development, reduce product costs and increase responsiveness. With access to the same proven technologies and industry know-how as big players, successful emerging brands can set the foundation for future growth.

Watch the webinar replay featuring Alberto Codrino of PLM Systems and Andrea Luigi Guerra of F-initiative and learn how PLM empowers you to:

  • Control your economics and improve forecasts
  • Evaluate and rationalize your supplier base
  • Assess price quotes at speed
  • Eliminate extra costs and errors associated with working on spreadsheets and email (or skype, messenger, text)
  • Access government funding for implementation of new IT systems