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Optimize Product Development and Deliver on Time with PLM

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Optimize Product Development and Deliver on Time with PLM

Are you struggling to meet tighter and tighter deadlines while keeping costs low? Is your current way of communicating with suppliers slowing you down? 

With Centric PLM there is #1Platform1Team and #1SourceOfTruth. 

There’s no denying the increased pressure on product development teams to keep up with competition and speed up processes. But, what if product developers could accelerate sample validation with designers and reduce error margins by collaborating with internal and external teams all in one place? What if they could access and make changes to product information in real time, from anywhere and at any given moment

Watch the webinar replay to find out how PLM simplifies collaboration, eliminates data duplication, accelerates product development, and enables product tracking. 

#SaveTime #BoostProductInnovation #ReduceCosts #IncreaseEfficiency

Iconic brands like Mango, Louis Vuitton, KIKO, Swarovski, Samsonite, Nina Ricci, La Perla, Under Armour and Auchan Retail are among the 925+ brands from over 320 companies that trust Centric Software. Join them in shortening sample production cycles by 25% and decreasing questions from suppliers by 30%