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Innovation and Compliance: Adapting to Constraints for Private Label Product Development

Are you struggling to develop private label products in a time of evolving regulations and supply chain disruptions?

  • Is balancing regulations with innovation and speed a challenge?
  • Are you developing, sourcing and costing formulas with manual spreadsheets and disconnected systems?
  • Is it difficult to track brand guidelines, requirements and restrictions?


It’s time to learn about Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) technology; give up spreadsheets and disconnected systems for tracking regional, federal and global regulations and all of your consumer-segment requirements.  

Centric PLM™ centralizes all product-related information and increases visibility so your teams can respond faster to changes, quickly adapt to evolving compliance requirements and supply chain shortages to save time, reduce errors and enable teams to develop more innovative products.  

👇 See our digital event replay and you will learn how to: 

  •  Save time with accurate data and always up-to-date brand, regulatory and supplier information 
  • Easily search for and make raw material substitutions that automatically cascade across the system 
  • Ensure you meet standards for restricted ingredients and sustainability requirements with built-in alerts 
  • Develop low-cost formula alternatives quickly and easily  
  • Free teams to focus on innovation instead of chasing the latest information about label claims, recycling standards or alternative suppliers 
  • And much more! 

Sign up today to hear a real-life PLM success story with pizza and flatbread private label company Great Kitchens, see a live demo of PLM in action and see an interactive Q&A to get all your questions answered. 🙋 


 Contact us for a demo of Centric PLM™.
Enable remote collaboration Increase speed to market Increase transparency across your product development processes with a single source of the truth. Seeing is believing!