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Spreadsheets vs. PLM: How do you know when it’s time to switch?

This event is in English.

Why do some businesses navigate industry changes and complexities effectively while others struggle to shift gears and keep up? 

Change-ready companies pivot core functions from decentralized spreadsheets to cloud-based Product Lifecycle Management (PLM). PLM makes growth, downsizing, and the unexpected more manageable. But when is the right time to switch from spreadsheets to PLM? And how do you make the changeover without disruption? 

Listen to, “Spreadsheets vs. PLM,” to discover when your company should transition from spreadsheets to collaborative technology that supercharges efficiency and agility. You’ll learn: 

  • The top 10 signs your company has outgrown spreadsheets
  • The hidden cost of staying with spreadsheets too long
  • How to keep your processes on course and your teams happy
  • The real-world industry case studies
  • What Centric PLM™ looks like in action!


Collaborative PLM software is purpose-built to streamline operations, share accurate data instantly, and keep production on track—no matter what.