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Food & Beverage Quality and Compliance Made More Reliable by PLM

This event was in English

Are you swimming in a sea of government agencies, regulations, internal policies and a myriad of functions throughout your company? What if there was one solution that could address all the different aspects of food quality and compliance?

The good news is, there is!

Discover what Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) can do to tighten up workflows, track regulatory and quality parameters of products under development and those already in production. Tune into our digital event to find out how PLM enhances and facilitates the following: 

  • Food safety
  • Compliance
  • Meeting product specifications

PLM gives you one place to go—a single source of the truth—that acts as a hub for all product data instead of having to search in different disparate systems, or having to rely on others to find the information for you.

Glimpse the peace of mind that a modern and mobile PLM solution can bring.

Couldn’t attend? Contact Centric Software® for a demo of Centric PLM™.

Enable remote collaboration
Increase speed to market
Gain visibility into product development…with a single source of the truth

Seeing is believing.