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October 23rd, 2023

Shinebed Steps Up Cross-Border Collaboration with Centric PLM

International home goods e-commerce company works with Centric Software to streamline collaboration and integrate their entire value chain   

CAMPBELL, Calif., October 24, 2023 Centric Software®, the Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) market leader, is pleased to announce that Shinebed has selected Centric PLM™. Centric Software provides the most innovative enterprise solutions to plan, design, develop, source, price and sell products such as apparel, fashion, home, footwear, sporting goods, consumer electronics, cosmetics, food & beverage, and luxury to achieve strategic and operational digital transformation goals.  

Wuxi Shangbai Global E-Commerce Co., Ltd. (Shinebed) is an international e-commerce home goods company established in 2016 and belongs to Wuxi Tianyi Group, a textile manufacturer founded in 1979. Shinebed has four brands: Bedsure (home textiles), Lesure (pets), harmati (furniture) and bbpark (baby), of which Bedsure is a leading brand in the European and American electric blanket market. The company sells to North America, Europe, Japan and more through Amazon and other platforms. Shinebed has more than 300 employees and is headquartered in Shanghai, with offices in Wuxi, Shenzhen and New York.   

Shinebed has experienced an enormous 100% compound annual growth rate, and aims to develop a world-renowned high-value brand with an end-to-end business model that encompasses everything from design to R&D to technical support to supply chain integration. To achieve this, Shinebed turned to Centric PLM to reduce manual data entry, streamline collaboration, manage project schedules, improve data analysis, synchronize approvals and data flows, and reduce communication costs. 

Mr. Zhu Xingjian, Executive Director and CEO of Shangbai Global, says, “Through the implementation of Centric PLM, we hope to learn from the experience, accumulate value and improve agility and product competitiveness. We are honored to cooperate with Centric Software, drawing on Centric’s R&D digital practice experience in the retail and consumer goods industries, to jointly build a PLM benchmark project for Chinese international brands.” 

With Centric PLM in place, Shinebed aims to integrate standardized data on progress, suppliers and materials related to all product segments across the business, build an R&D database, visualize data to optimize decision-making, enable better collaboration across time zones and share accurate real-time information.  

“We hope that this will be more than an IT project, and demonstrate the real value of Centric solutions to our business,” says Mr. Chen Qi, Executive Vice President of Shinebed. “All internal teams will be deeply involved in the implementation process and use of Centric PLM. Together with the Centric team, we have the confidence and ability to successfully implement the PLM project in a few months.”  

“We are very happy to partner with Shinebed to build a digital foundation for their future development,” says Chris Groves, CEO of Centric Software. “Shinebed is rapidly growing, and we are proud to deploy Centric solutions to drive a project that will create best practices and precedents for international e-commerce in China.” 

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Shinebed ( 

Wuxi Shangbai Global E-Commerce Co., Ltd. belongs to Wuxi Tianyi Group. Wuxi Tianyi Group was founded in 1979 and has been committed to creating high-quality daily textile products for nearly 40 years. Since its establishment in 2016, Shangbai Global has seized the trend of cross-border e-commerce and sold its products to North America, Europe, Japan and other countries and regions through Amazon and other platforms, creating a legend with a compound growth rate of more than 100% for five consecutive years, gaining the love of more than 35 million users, and has 45 patents and international awards. Shangbai Global has more than 300 employees and is headquartered in Shanghai, with offices in Wuxi, Shenzhen and New York.  

Shangbai Global is positioned as an international brand, and currently has four brands: home textile brand Bedsure, pet brand Lesure, furniture brand harmati and baby brand bbpark. Among them, Bedsure has only taken a few years, and has now become a unicorn in the vertical field of Amazon cross-border e-commerce merchants, occupying the forefront of Amazon’s US bed category for many consecutive years. Bedsure is also a leading brand in the European and American electric blanket market, and Bedsue has even innovatively launched a shade-type electric blanket that can be worn on the body, which has become a selling point that differentiates the brand from other similar products. 

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