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[Private Event] Bottega Veneta Studio Visit & Centric PLM™ Seminar

27 February — Montebello Vicentino — 3:00 p.m. – 10:00 p.m.  Are you looking for ways to gain full visibility of your product lines? Are you aiming to improve all product-related processes and ensure flawless Italian quality?  Don’t miss out on this exclusive chance to visit Bottega Veneta’s studio in Montebello Vincentino and learn first-hand […]

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8 November, 2019

End Buying and Merchandising Headaches with Centric’s Digital Buying Board

Right now, Product teams, Buyers, Merchandisers and Retail Wholesalers are managing billions of dollars’ worth of products with paper boards, cutouts, spreadsheets and Powerpoints. Tasks eventually get done, but this traditional way of working is rife with error, time consuming, results in a lot of rework every time a change is made and, the most […]

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