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Boost Your Design Team’s Creativity with Streamlined Workflows Using Data Visualization

Boost Your Design Team's Creativity with Streamlined Workflows Using Data Visualization

In today’s competitive market, efficiency, accuracy and innovation are non-negotiable. Design teams face constant challenges in managing vast amounts of data, ensuring timely communication and meeting tight deadlines.

Centric Visual Boards revolutionize the product development landscape by transforming complex data into intuitive visual insights by merging vast amounts of information and visuals. The platform bridges divides between systems (such as ERP, PLM, Planning, CAD, PIM, etc.), processes, and teams (design, merchandizing, buying, sourcing, product development, category management, and more) to achieve the ultimate assortment performance across all sales channels for product-driven consumer goods companies. Whether you’re expanding product portfolios or fostering creativity across global teams, Centric Visual Boards provide the tools needed to stay ahead in the market.

Let’s explore how brands and retailers benefit from Centric Software’s transformative solution.

Overcome Design Challenges and Unlock New Potential with Advanced Data Visualization

Meeting tight deadlines and managing vast amounts of data are constant challenges for design teams. Centric Visual Boards™ revolutionize the product development process by transforming complex data into intuitive visual insights. This platform accelerates timelines with real-time updates, enhances communication through integrated tools and allows teams to seize market opportunities swiftly.

For example, design teams at Lands’ End visualize intricate details of their products, such as various stitch patterns, allowing for quick adjustments and innovative designs that align with current trends.

The designers really love Centric Visual Boards, to be able to visualize their sweaters coming to life and all the different stitch downs they can do.

Enhance Collaboration and Creativity with Real-Time Data

Picture a global design team working on a new furniture collection. They need to collaborate across different time zones and locations. Centric Visual Boards provide a visually interactive space where team members brainstorm and review designs in real-time, regardless of their location. This fosters creativity and ensures all design decisions are backed by accurate data, leading to more targeted and profitable products.

For instance, retailers facing rapidly changing consumer trends can leverage Centric Visual Board to integrate real-time data, allowing for agile decision-making throughout the design and development process. This adaptability ensures their products remain relevant and appealing to consumers.

The main reasons we chose centric was the ability to connect to a digital representation of the tech pack and the Visual Boards - our ability to see everything from an assortment planning and merchandising perspective, all in the system connected to that data.

Enhance Sustainability and Efficiency with Agile Decision-Making

Centric Visual Boards promote sustainability by improving and localizing the assortment, lowering overproduction, reducing inventory and overstock, while also minimizing internal paper usage and travel requirements ensuring an overall lower environmental impact. The platform’s digital capabilities enable remote collaboration, reducing the need for physical meetings and lowering the company’s carbon footprint. Additionally, Centric Visual Boards deliver substantial cost savings by streamlining design and development, saving significant time and resources. This allows brands and retailers to maintain high standards of innovation while reallocating valuable human resources towards further growth and creativity.

How Advanced Analytics is Changing the Retail Industry

Today’s leading retailers are implementing a new generation of analytics. Advanced analytics has three distinct advantages over traditional methods:

  1. Purpose-Built for Retail: Advanced analytics tools are designed specifically for retailers, accommodating the unique challenges of size curves, short lifecycles and dynamic seasonality.
  2. Predictive and Prescriptive Analytics: These tools leverage predictive analytics to forecast future demand and prescriptive analytics to suggest profitable actions.
  3. Unified Analytics: By integrating data across all business units, these tools provide a single source of truth, enabling better decision-making and reducing silos within the organization (Retalon) . 

Why Choose Centric Software?

Choosing Centric Software® means choosing a partner dedicated to your success. Our Visual Boards are more than just a tool; they are a comprehensive solution designed to enhance every aspect of your design workflow. With Centric Software, you gain a competitive edge, enabling you to create, manage and deliver superior products more efficiently than ever before.

Transform your design process with Centric Visual Boards and unlock the advantages of a fully integrated, data-driven approach to product development. Experience enhanced efficiency, accuracy and innovation throughout your workflow.

Key Metrics and Benefits

  • 75-90% Larger Product Portfolio
  • 85-90% Faster Product Assortment Update Time
  • 70% Faster Creation of Assortment Presentations
  • 99% Reduction in Assortment Report Prep Time
  • 80% Less Manual Design Board Creation Time
  • 100% of Line Review Changes Captured Digitally

Transform your product development today. Learn more about Centric Visual Boards or schedule a demo to see the difference for yourself. Seeing is believing.