A digital transformation platform for the greatest names in fashion, retail, footwear, luxury, outdoor and consumer goods.

Centric Software provides the most innovative enterprise solutions to achieve strategic and operational digital transformation goals.


Over 815+ retailers, brands and manufacturers trust Centric Software for their digital transformation initiatives

For some companies, digital transformation is a way to get closer to consumers, for others it means pushing innovation or speeding time to market in order to stay closer to trend. In any case, organizational process change paired with modern technologies like PLM, mobility, cloud & SaaS can facilitate different ways of working.

Drive product innovation and performance

Centric Software’s market-driven PLM solution provides a “single actionable version of the truth” approach to line planning, global sourcing, calendar management, materials management, quality management, collection management, technical design and retail execution.

A Rest API enables companies to leverage Centric data throughout the organization by connecting with business systems such as ERP, DAM or other platforms. Users can even create their own apps to seamlessly connect or digitally transform processes without limitation.

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如果 PLM 系統不易使用,那麼您的團隊就不會真正採用,而貴公司也無法從中獲益。請給我們 60 分鐘的時間,徹底瞭解 Centric 全方位、立即可用的系統,何以成為市面上最直觀易用的 PLM 軟體平台首選。