Preparing for the Future with Centric PLM at BESTSELLER




BESTSELLER works hard to cover the needs and expectations of collaboration partners and consumers around the world, and developing into a global company has increased the complexity of their IT landscape. This complexity was experienced in all areas, from the handling of data used in daily collaboration with partners and suppliers to how the company serves customers. It was time for a digital change.

BESTSELLER decided to invest in a new IT platform to enable the entire business to focus on what it is good at –designing, buying and selling fashion items. As part of this project, BESTSELLER chose to implement Centric PLM™.

With Centric PLM in place as part of its wider IT transformation, BESTSELLER has a scalable platform to make its work more effective. Centric PLM supports all three business drivers of the IT project: one truth, time to market and simple ways of working. Users now know where to find truthful, up-to-date information, and can trust it. BESTSELLER can prepare for the future with the best foundation to grow their business.




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