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Understanding Product Lifecycle Management for Cosmetics and Personal Care

A guide for cosmetics and personal care brands, retailers and manufacturers


Discover how PLM boosts efficiency through every stage of the product lifecycle

Explore the benefits of PLM on innovation, speed and product margins

Learn how PLM connects teams, products and phases of product development

Get Ready to Face the Future with Cosmetics and Personal Care PLM

Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) software is a 360° digital foundation for product development that manages both formulated products and non-formulated cosmetics and personal care accessories on in single platform. PLM provides a real-time ‘single source of the truth’ for product-related data and manages products, people and phases of new product development, updates and refreshes across the entire product lifecycle.

But what does that mean for cosmetics and personal care brands, retailers and manufacturers?

Download the guide and understand exactly what PLM does to boost strategic business objectives and manage daily operational challenges. Discover eight key parts of the product lifecycle PLM manages from workflow management to formulation to product portfolio management to streamlined sourcing, packaging and labeling and more. Learn how PLM empowers cosmetics and personal care businesses to accelerate new product introductions and supercharge innovation to get more products to market, faster.

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