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[Webinar] PLM & Mobility: Reduce Time to Market

Online | October 29, 2019

Online | October 29  —  11:00 a.m.

This event will be held in Portuguese

Gone are the days when products are developed by one single team in one single office in one single location. Quite the opposite!

Today’s modern fashion brands not only juggle multiple teams and locations but also increasing complexity in product development with numerous components, products, deadlines, price-points, calendars, channels, colors, and sizes in order to stay competitive. But business doesn’t stop just because your team is away from their desk…

There is a way to save time and simplify your work life — Centric’s Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) Mobile Apps.

Join our webinar to see a live demo of Centric PLM and let our local fashion PLM experts show you how some of our 15 industry-leading mobile apps including Inspirations, Product Notes, Capture It and Fit Review streamline your work allowing you to capture all of your notes in real-time, in one central place, eliminating paper copies, duplicate work and data-entry errors — plus mobile apps make working more fun!

Don’t miss this opportunity to find out how working on-the-go can make your life easier and give yourself some time back.

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