SKU Rationalization: How to Understand and Optimize it with Modern Tech

Digital Event | December 13, English 11 a.m. PT / 2 p.m. ET

SKU rationalization streamlines the product assortment to provide better inventory management, reduced warehousing costs, increased profitability and enhanced brand management.  

So why do brands and retailers still rely on spreadsheets that are tedious and error-prone to execute a strategic process that has such a high impact on the business? 

Join guest hosts Melissa Moran, Consumer Electronics Product Development Expert, and Spiro Menoutis, Sales Director for Consumer Electronics at Centric Software, for an engaging and informative discussion on SKU Rationalization, including topics like: 

  • The meaning of SKU rationalization and its impact on retailers. 
  • The essential role of SKU rationalization for effective inventory management. 
  • Why spreadsheets are not the solution to SKU rationalization. 
  • How retailers can use modern technology to effortlessly implement SKU rationalization and quickly reap the rewards!

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Spiro Menoutis

Spiro Menoutis

Sales Director for Consumer Electronics

Melissa Moran

Melissa Moran

New product development & marketing expert for Consumer Electronics