Blending Tradition & Innovation seminars in Italy

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Diese Veranstaltung ist auf Italienisch

Centric Software is hosting a series of seminars in Italy!

Discover how technology can help fashion companies leverage their brand heritage to stay ahead of competition.

Learn why successful Italian brands such as Furla, Bottega Veneta and La Perla use Centric Software’s innovative, flexible product lifecycle management (PLM) solution as a strategic growth lever. You can benefit from the same technology as these prestigious companies!

Check out our events below and register to the closest seminar near you!

  • Tuesday 22 Nov Padova
  • Wednesday 23 Nov Florence
  • Thursday 24 Nov Macerata
  • Friday 25 Nov Napoli

Easy to use and quick to implement, Centric Software solutions are designed to speed product development, reduce costs and increase market responsiveness for brands, manufacturers and retailers of all sizes.