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#WFHtips: Leveraging the Cloud while Working from Home, Doug Brenton

Doug Brenton, Global Digital Marketing Director, is one of 5 team leaders at Centric Software® who are offering up their tried-and-tested work from home tips in our #HowTechHelps series

With over a year of #WFH experience under his belt, Doug swears by the benefits of cloud computing! 

Read on to discover his key advice on how to leverage cloud-based technologies (without falling into the trap of tech overload!).

Benefits of Cloud Computing & How to Leverage It

During times of unprecedented crisis, like the one we are living in today, many businesses are discovering the benefits of cloud-based services that enable them to fulfill a variety of needs while working remotely. 

Companies that were previously collaborating on software programs that were solely accessible on-premise are facing limitations during nation-wide lockdown periods around the globe. Meanwhile, digitally-savvy businesses who had already been working on the cloud, are able to stay on task, stay productive and collaborate in real-time while working from home.

But, with all of the options out there, which cloud-based solutions are companies finding most effective? How do they leverage these tools?  Is there a secret formula to success with the cloud? 

Don’t get lost in the cloud! 

It happens to the best of us and the story is actually all-too-familiar. 

First, the feeling of “Christmas morning” when turning on a new tool — a shiny new toy that everyone couldn’t wait to use! At first, it’s great because once implemented, there’s a productivity hike amongst your team. Then, you start receiving requests from other teams about other needs that a cloud-based tool could also fulfill. So, another tool gets introduced. Suddenly, each team has its own set of tools, resulting in a large library of isolated cloud options with data dispersed everywhere! 

What happens next? A decline in productivity as teams get lost in the cloud.

That’s why it’s vital to choose cloud-based solutions that serve multiple use cases and keep all data centralized in your “single source of truth”, especially if you’re aiming to boost productivity, cut costs and speed the time it takes to identify and solve problems.


Cloud-based solutions for Product Development, Design, Merchandising, Sourcing & Buying

For companies in fashion, retail, luxury, outdoor, footwear, home décor or consumer goods, finding a robust, cloud-based software to centralize all product-related processes is a must! Product development, design, merchandising, sourcing and buying teams at these fast-paced companies now need to collaborate remotely, given the world health crisis, and this can be extremely challenging without the right tech!  

Luckily, there is a solution and this solution won’t get you lost in the cloud. We call it Centric PLM.

This cloud-based solution encompasses all the collaborative and creative processes that make up the elements of a product’s lifecycle. From creating and updating styles, determining product costs and adjusting fit, to planning marketing collections, auditing suppliers, reviewing retail conditions and taking orders from wholesalers. Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) supports the sale of great products by streamlining processes that define the brand, engage the consumer and differentiate the company’s products in the marketplace. 

Centric PLM™: Benefits of Cloud-computing 

We recently interviewed Renée Jain, Enterprise Application Manager at multi-chain retailer Cape Union Mart, who discussed how Centric PLM has enabled teams to continue working efficiently during the lockdown in South Africa. Jain said, “The fact that Centric PLM gives us such great visibility on the entire supply chain process has allowed teams to rapidly decide on which orders to cancel or which products to push out [even while working remotely]. This has an impact on our potential margins, so it’s vital for us to be able to make these decisions while having a clear view of what that’ll mean for our business.”

Benefiting from Centric’s market-leading, cloud-based PLM platform allows teams to collaborate and share data from anywhere, at any time. The users eliminate thousands of Excel spreadsheets, PowerPoints, back-and-forth emails and other manual out-of-date processes in favor of a single source of truth. 

Another advantage of Centric’s solutions being cloud-based is that it allows for easy configuration with a quick ramp-up and ultra-fast implementation — especially crucial when needing to react quickly to market disruptions like the ones we’re facing now.  

And, as your business grows and your needs evolve, the cloud will enable you to easily extend the scope of your PLM project, add additional team members and make seamless upgrades with hundreds of industry-native features released yearly. 

With such a comprehensive, and easy to use solution like Centric PLM… there’s no risk of getting lost in the cloud ever again! 

Want to learn more about how Cape Union Mart has benefited from cloud-based Centric PLM during the global pandemic? 

Read the full interview via this link



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