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Helsport is expanding into international markets and growing its range of products. The company was using simple PLM systems, but they weren’t complete and information was scattered across Dropbox files and different people’s emails. Helsport was concerned about information being lost if, for instance, someone who had been designing tents for years retired.

When Helsport began looking for a new PLM system, being online was the number one priority. Positive references from Centric customers, the intuitive nature of Centric PLM and the ability to easily configure the system influenced Helsport’s decision to select Centric PLM.

Today, Helsport has one source of truth and a powerful system that makes work easier every day. It’s searchable and users can easily filter out information they don’t need. Libraries of materials, trims and components make it faster to generate BOMs and reduce manual data entry. With Centric PLM, working with suppliers is dramatically faster, easier and more accurate.

Company Bio

Helsport is originally a Norwegian brand, established in 1951, and is Scandinavia’s leading tent and sleeping bag manufacturer. Helsport prides itself on high-quality products that set international standards and have been tested by the best. Helsport products are so long-lasting, that it’s not unusual for Helsport tents to be passed down from one generation to the next.





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