25 Setembro, 2018

Webinar: Take The Plunge From Spreadsheets To PLM

October 17 | 2:00 p.m. EDT 

Evento será realizado em espanhol.

Do you have a love/hate relationship with spreadsheets? Is everything smooth-sailing until you’re rummaging through your inbox looking for a single email that will affect your entire tech pack for a product?

Spreadsheets, manual data entry, cleaning up errors and communicating changes through emails slows everyone down – there is a better way it’s called Centric SMB.

Available on a subscription basis (SaaS), Centric SMB is designed to speed product development, reduce product costs and increase responsiveness. With access
to the same proven technologies and industry know how as big players, successful emerging brands can set the foundation for future growth.

Join our webinar to wave goodbye to spreadsheets and adopt a PLM and hear from Maciek Wronski, Centric’s SMB Regional Sales Director who has lead SMBs including Derek Lam, Justin
Alexander and Modern Gourmet Foods through their PLM implementation, setting them up for
future growth.
What this webinar will cover:

  • The benefits of a SMB using a PLM tool
  • A live demo of Centric SMB and its range of features and products including mobile apps
    which allow you to work from anywhere at anytime
  • Real case studies from brands including Modern Gourmet Foods and tentree. Find out
    how they achieved results like cutting down their reporting time from 2 hours to 2
    minutes and saving everyone about 10-15% of their time on a day to day basis.
    Register your place today and learn why life beyond spreadsheets is more productive and successful!

Too impatient to wait until October 17 to find out more about Centric SMB? We’ve got you covered – register for a live demo now!

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Discover why more than 275 companies creating products for over 675 iconic brands trust Centric Software.

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