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Are you looking to expand your private label brand, but find yourself hindered by supply chain disruptions, maintaining compliance and creating effective packaging that meets sustainability requirements? Overcome these challenges and more with PLM and visual boards.

Discover how you can streamline the co-development process for your private label brand and provide a better customer experience with the right assortment that’s optimized for omnichannel retail.

Centric PLM™ and Centric Visual Boards™ provides access to real-time data, facilitating seamless collaboration among teams, suppliers and design agencies. This enables faster and more profitable development of private label products than ever before.

Our latest free eBook, The Era of Private Label in Grocery: A Grocery Retailer’s Guide to Capturing Market Share with Private Label Products, explores how grocery retailers can use PLM and visual boards to:

🖥️ Leverage technology for omnichannel retail
👀 Visualize assortments & simplify SKU rationalization
🚚 Navigate supply chain disruptions with agility
🎨 Develop eye-catching packaging
♻️Comply with sustainable packaging legislation
📝 Maintain compliance with inherent traceability

Are you ready to learn how you can boost your private label expansion? Find out how next-generation technology like Centric PLM and Centric Visual Boards streamlines product development and assortment planning.


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Discover how Centric PLM empowers food and beverage businesses to get from concept to replenishment faster and more cost-effectively than ever before.