SC Fashion Develops Product-Oriented Thinking with Centric PLM


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SC Fashion recognized that in order to meet increasing demands for more product-oriented capabilities, the company needed a better way to manage product data and communication with customers. Much of the company’s product data was scattered across the organization in various silos with increasingly large volumes of obsolete data, files and emails, making it time-and effort-consuming to find the right data.

SC Fashion selected Centric Software as a strategic partner to drive its digital transformation. The partnership aims to build a product data platform that enables the accumulation and transfer of know-how and expertise in order to cultivate the company’s capabilities in product development.

The initial aims of the PLM project were to build a master product data platform and shorten the cycle for sample production by 25%, from 20 days to 15 days. Both of these aims have been achieved at SC Fashion. PLM is also an efficient link for communicating with brand customers on product data, which helps to bring costs under control. Centric’s ‘truly product-oriented’ way of thinking is crucial to optimizing SC Fashion’s services.

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