Mystery Ranch Builds Framework for Growth with Centric PLM




Mystery Ranch is a growing business that sells to both professional and consumer markets, and customers are involved in challenging activities where lives can depend on the quality and durability of equipment. To make backpacks that meet their high standards, Mystery Ranch needed a PLM solution that could handle a wide variety of product information, effectively track supply chain data and balance different product timelines across the business.

Mystery Ranch selected Centric 8 PLM for its flexibility, scalability and out-of-the-box features. Centric PLM™ was implemented to centralize and streamline product data in order to develop products more efficiently, minimize mistakes, drive innovation and ultimately serve demanding customers more effectively with high-quality products.

Today, Mystery Ranch manages increasingly complex supply chains, meets rigorous compliance rules, reduces errors that affect product quality and develops products more efficiently, ultimately contributing to business growth, customer loyalty and enhanced competitiveness. Thanks to Centric PLM, the company has a solid digital foundation that allows “infinite room for growth.”




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