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How to Utilize Search, Promotional,
Pricing and Assortment Data
to Convert Cautious Consumers

Brands and retailers are currently trading in incredibly challenging times. Costs are going up with many of these increases being added to the price tag of all kinds of goods. Consumers are tightening their belts – picking and choosing more carefully the products they’re buying. This means competition in the retail world is fierce and brands and retailers need to be equipping themselves with the right tools to stay competitive.

Learn how to quickly make sense of huge amounts of data to drive smart pricing and discounting strategies, across different regions, to convert cautious consumers. Request our webinar replay and see the AI-driven pricing intelligence and competitor benchmarking platform in action. Empower your fashion, beauty or footwear company to:

✅ Learn best practices for competitive benchmarking
✅ Understand the differing degrees of discounting and promotion across regions
✅ Localize assortment building, pricing and promotional strategies
✅ Pinpoint winning categories and where to invest
✅ Utilize search data to identify timely product opportunities
✅ Ensure your product mix is optimized for today’s economic reality