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PLM4Users Part II: Vendor Management Tips and Tricks

Want to take a deep dive into vendor management capabilities in Centric 8?

Watch this webinar replay to hear all about Centric PLM vendor management capabilities and see Centric 8 PLM’s latest features in action with demos.

Centric 8 PLM adds groundbreaking high-volume sourcing capabilities for companies that design, co-design and source finished products from suppliers. Users can issue design briefs to many suppliers and agents simultaneously, gather and iterate designs in Centric 8, and seamlessly launch development.

Part II: Vendor Management Overview

Watch the webinar replay and learn:

  • About supplier collaboration & common practices using Centric 8 PLM
  • How to build views at various levels of the hierarchy and gain supply chain visibility
  • How to use vendor scorecards and manage supplier performance, quality and compliance tracking and auditing


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