Introducing Centric VIP’s Digital Buying Board

Centric VIP’s Digital Buying Board elegantly streamlines buying sessions for retail, wholesale and e-commerce by aligning product and category teams, merchants, internal buyers and sales on a single, highly-visual platform for touch-based devices like tablets, touchscreen televisions and web applications.


Centric VIP’s Digital Buying Board empowers product and category teams, merchants, internal buyers, e-commerce, product development teams and sales to hold buying sessions on a single platform.

Underselling Great Products?

Brands and retailers worldwide are struggling to select the best product assortments for wholesale, retail and e-commerce channels to maximize the assortment value at retail and are therefore not realizing full sales potential.

Relying on dense, out of date spreadsheets, powerpoints and other documents for worldwide & regional merchandising and buying is chaos and increases the risk of critical errors. Without true visibility, no flexibility and outdated and incomplete information, it is impossible to make good decisions. How can you optimize product assortments by channel, region, store-type or persona?

Want to stop wasting time and energy?

That sounds like me!

Meet Centric’s Digital Buying Board

By defining, deciding, capturing and analyzing, the Digital Buying Board streamlines internal buying & merchandising processes and transforms team collaboration and decision making.

Merge together information from multiple systems including PLM and ERP into an easy-to-use, highly visual platform compatible with any touch-screen device and with a social media like interface.

Set buys with financial targets in mind

Review, manage and plan detailed targets for different markets, geographies, sales channels and exclusives to accelerate sell-in process.

Monitor product performance and sales commitments in real time.

Plan the ideal product mix for each market, channel and class of store to improve margins and sales forecast.

Work on multiple channels at once creating specific buying assortments for each. Refine the product offering, faster.

Centric VIP is a family of boards, each dedicated to a different phase of the go to market process, each highly configurable and easy to use.

Click on the screens below to find out more and stay tuned… we’ve many more to come!



如果 PLM 系統不易使用,那麼您的團隊就不會真正採用,而貴公司也無法從中獲益。請給我們 60 分鐘的時間,徹底瞭解 Centric 全方位、立即可用的系統,何以成為市面上最直觀易用的 PLM 軟體平台首選。