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Technology Soup: The Fashionista’s Guide to Navigating the Fashion IT Landscape

If you’re a fashionista interested in the business of fashion, you will discover IT plays an enormous role. You’ve likely heard terms like fashion PLM, ERP and SaaS and wonder what all of these acronyms mean.

Acronyms make sentences shorter and the tech industry discovered this a long time ago. While this alphabet soup of letters may appear to be complicated, the concepts are straightforward and each of the tools play a critical role in the fashion and apparel business.

Read on for our non-techie expert explanation of the fashion IT basics and increase your fashion industry IQ!






給我們 60 分鐘的時間,您就能瞭解為什麼 Centric 現成的全方位 PLM 軟體能夠讓品牌及其員工獲得更佳能見度、更全面掌握產品開發,善用支援遠端決策的數位協作工具,簡化直接影響營業利潤的流程,並在多變的全球市場中提高競爭力