End Buying and Merchandising Headaches with Centric’s Digital Buying Board

Transform internal buying sessions and maximize the value of goods at retail.


Are your Product teams, Buyers, Merchandisers and Retail Wholesalers managing billions of dollars’ worth of products with paper boards, cutouts, spreadsheets and Powerpoints? It’s time to move on from this traditional, time-consuming and error-prone way of working!

Read on to learn how Centric Software’s Digital Buying Board streamlines buying and merchandising sessions for retail, wholesale and e-commerce for fashion, footwear, consumer goods, outdoor and home and furnishing companies. This brand-new market innovation aligns product and category teams, merchants, internal buyers and sales on a single, easy-to-use, highly-visual platform for touch-based devices like tablets, touchscreen televisions and web applications.

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Discover these five ways the digital Buying Board maximizes sales for collections:


1. Simple, streamlined collaboration

2. Easy on the eye

3. Informed decision-making

4. Healthy bottom line

5. Smart, efficient working




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Seeing is believing!

If your PLM software isn’t easy to use your teams won’t use it, so your company won’t reap the benefits. Give us 60 minutes and you’ll see why Centric comprehensive, out-of the box system is the easiest-to-use PLM software platform on the market.