PLM for Fashion Brands and Fashion Retailers

The fashion industry is the most dynamic and competitive it has ever been. Companies are under immense pressure to get exciting products in front of consumers faster than ever, and failing to do so can have a huge impact on the bottom line. There is more pressure for every SKU to be profitable and a bad or late product can have a big impact on not just product profitability, but also on your reputation. Product Lifecycle Management or PLM is the hub that links all creative, technical, product, sourcing, manufacturing, sales, merchandise planning and retail teams together to bring the best possible products to market, quickly.



Why is PLM Critical for the Fashion Industry?

Fashion is one of the most challenging industries in the world because it is constantly impacted by rapidly changing trends in addition to the same consumer, geo-political and financial shifts that other industries experience.

Yesterday haute couture set the standard; today it’s cool, up-and-coming brands, streetwear and prêt-à-porter. Sustainable fashion is more and more important to consumers, who expect to be able to access transparent product information and traceability to ensure that brands and retailers operate in an ethical and environmentally-friendly way.

Interactive digital channels that enable ultra-personalized products from brands and retailers around the world to be accessible via the phone in your pocket mean that a consumer’s shopping choices are limitless. Without a doubt, the biggest challenges any fashion brand or fashion retailer faces today are competitive speed, maintaining healthy product margins and ensuring quality of execution. A fashion-specific PLM system can help to address these challenges, and a whole lot more!

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Achieve the Ultimate Balance with Centric Fashion PLM

Bring profitable collections to market, as fast as possible.

Reduce Time to Market

Reduce Time to Market

Streamline collaboration and shave off time to market by boosting efficiency, cutting out admin and making decisions in real time so teams can get products to market faster.

Increase Product Innovation and Variety

Improve Efficiency

Reduce the number of emails, meetings, phone calls and time spent searching or updating information. #GetIntelNotExcel! A real-time single source of truth makes work more efficient.

Increase Product Lines and Manage More SKUs

Reduce Costs

Gain visibility into pricing, material costs and product margins with dashboards and reports. Cut last minute shipping costs, meet MOQ, negotiate bulk buys and reduce costs in other ways. Get more products to market without increasing resources.

Control Costs

Increase Product Innovation

Optimize operations to free up teams to focus on innovation, strategic and business development initiatives like better designs, new suppliers, new materials, launching entirely new product categories or collections, channels or geographies.

Improve Efficiency

Improve Product Quality / Collections / SKUs

Using a combination of dashboards, analytics and mobile apps, you can take a deep dive into product quality and compliance. Audit factories, measure Acceptable Quality Limits (AQL), track supplier performance and more.

Stay on Top of The Game with Centric Fashion PLM

Across the world, buying behavior has changed and consumers expect more seasons per year and more new products per season. At the same time, competition has intensified with the addition of many new brands and retailers, giving consumers greater choice than ever before. Fashion companies increasingly need to offer more innovative products, quickly. Speed to market, market responsiveness, an efficient development process, organized asset management and true collaborative sourcing are key to remaining competitive.

Centric Fashion PLM software solutions address all of these challenges and more with intuitive, configurable, easy to use, mobile and cloud-based PLM platforms for businesses of all sizes.

Ground-breaking features such as the Adobe® Illustrator Connect tool enable streamlined collaboration across multiple digital environments. Combining the best of Silicon Valley innovations and industry best practices, Centric Fashion PLM is fast to deploy and provides a single actionable version of the truth in real time for line planning, product design, product development, sourcing, production and retail teams.


Expanding the Limits of Innovation with 3D and AI

Our industry-first innovations help fashion brands and fashion retailers to make better design and development decisions and bring great products to market faster and more efficiently. Centric Fashion PLM incorporates 3D and artificial intelligence (AI) technologies that facilitate visual, streamlined and intuitive ways of working.

3D Integration with PLM

Enable collaborative design, reduce rework by visualizing designs sooner in the development process, increase speed to market with rapid prototyping, help marketing and sales with realistic product images and cut sample costs by integrating 3D design throughout the entire apparel development process!

Centric constantly adds new 3D tools, including 3D Sample Review and a series of connectors for 3D CAD software that allow designers to work in a familiar software environment while interacting with Centric Fashion PLM.

Increase Product Innovation and Variety

Visual and Smart Searching with AI

Creative teams in fashion and retail collect huge amounts of digital and physical samples of materials, trims, colors and styles – but finding and using these assets is very time consuming, if not impossible.

AI Image Search solves this problem, using artificial intelligence-enabled image recognition tools. Designers can take an image of a fabric or trim and instantly search Centric Fashion PLM image archives to find similar items that have been used before, or find a supplier that provides a material with a close match.

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Respect Quality, Compliance and Safety Requirements with Centric Fashion PLM

Fashion brands and retailers are in a race driven by the timelines of fast fashion to get more on-trend products to market as quickly as possible through an increasing number of channels. In this competitive environment, it’s crucial not to lose sight of supplier auditing, safety regulations and packaging requirements, as well as maintaining the high-quality customers expect.

Centric Fashion PLM’s quality control and factory auditing capabilities help fashion brands and retailers keep supplier certifications up to date and track compliance across different regions and components. Centric’s comprehensive product and component library makes it easier to figure out which products need to be re-tested when regulations change, set expiry reminders and maintain up-to-date documentation for each SKU.

Interested in finding out more? Read about how Centric’s Quality Management module helps brands and retailers stay on the right side of the law, meet their own standards, enjoy better testing visibility and more!

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Hundreds of Real-Life Success Stories

Centric Fashion PLM empowers fashion brands and fast retailers to manage all product data in one digital solution with a ‘single version of the truth’ approach to keep up with trends in global markets and the changing expectations of consumers. Check out our customer success stories!

“Centric PLM, specifically the new tools for sourcing included in Centric 8 v6.5, will help us provide our customers with even more great products at great prices to deliver on our promise of Trustworthy Value.”

Big Lots

Chinese fashion brand ditches spreadsheets for Centric Fashion PLM, now enjoys 100% BOM accuracy and saves days and days of work on each collection.


What Can Centric Fashion PLM Do for You?

Generate fast ROI and respond to on-trend, on-demand consumers with Centric Fashion PLM. Centric’s out-of-the-box technology makes upgrades simple and painless. The world’s leading PLM solution for fashion and consumer goods drives amazing results like reducing time to market by 15-50%, increasing sales by 5-10%, reducing cost of goods sold by 5-15% and improving productivity by 10-50%.

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