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지속 가능성은 비즈니스에 매우 중요합니다. PLM의 많은 기능 또한 지속 가능성과 윤리적 비즈니스 관행을 지원합니다. 시장 출시 기간을 단축하고 운영을 간소화하며 원가 및 낭비를 줄이면서도 긍정적인 영향력을 발휘합니다.



Satisfy a new generation of digitally native, eco-conscious consumers

Today’s up and coming generation of consumers, born in the era of digitally nomadic lifestyles and the ability to order anything imaginable from your phone, expect a standard of convenience, speed and global availability of products that is being set by agile e-commerce pioneers.

At the same time, this generation is also the most environmentally and ethically conscious. Driven by awareness of issues as diverse as carbon footprint impacts and labor conditions in the fashion industry, consumers increasingly expect to buy goods that are produced transparently, ethically and sustainably. How can you meet consumer demand for speed and efficiency while living up to high expectations of sustainability with the help of PLM?

Get close to consumers to reduce waste

Digitally native brand AMARO has pioneered an e-commerce direct-to-consumer business model that minimizes waste by ‘co-authoring’ product lines with customers, reacting to data on consumer desires rather than pushing trends on them and integrating this data throughout the supply chain for fast, agile product development. Find out how AMARO uses Centric Fashion PLM to stay close to a new digitally-native shopping generation while cutting the waste and cost of unsold products sitting in storage with high level end-to-end visibility from concept to retail!

Increase Product Innovation and Variety

Plant the seeds of sustainable growth

tentree is an environmentally progressive, outdoor lifestyle apparel brand that plants ten trees for every item purchased. Discover how tentree keeps a competitive edge by making great products that delight their base of eco-conscious consumers while tracking and supporting sustainability initiatives, leveraging the power of Centric Fashion PLM. Watch the webinar replay to hear first-hand how Centric helps tentree manage complexity, increase visibility, meet strategic business goals and stay true to their environmental DNA.

미래를 위해 투명성과 협업을 구축하는 PLM

AAFA가 주최하고 델라웨어 대학의 지속 가능성 전문가인 Masha Dickson이 함께 하는 웨비나를 확인하세요 

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PLM 활용을 통한 패션 기업들의 지속 가능성 탐구

‘농장에서 패션까지’, 캐시미어를 전문으로 하는 DZ 그룹은 사회적, 윤리적, 기술적 표준을 준수하기 위한 PLM 활용에 관해 이야기합니다.

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3D integration in Centric Fashion PLM cuts physical sampling costs

The traditional process of creating, shipping, reviewing and amending physical samples is wasteful in terms of raw materials, energy and air miles – not to mention your time and money!

Centric Fashion PLM enables the integration of sophisticated 3D design technology with an ever-expanding suite of 3D tools, including 3D Sample Review for accurate virtual sampling and PLM connectors for apparel 3D CAD tools to streamline the 3D design and product development process. Using 3D technology in conjunction with PLM helps brands to:

  • Produce fewer physical samples to reduce material costs and carbon footprint
  • Speed up production times to drive faster overall time to market
  • Follow trends and adjust collections on the fly to cut the risk of wasted inventory and items that go out of style before they even hit the rails

Interested in finding out more about 3D innovations in Centric Fashion PLM?

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환경 친화적 브랜드, PLM으로 ROI를 얻다

판매되는 제품 하나당 열 그루의 나무를 심습니다. 캐나다 브랜드 tentree가 PLM을 통해 환경에 대한 움직임을 어떻게 추적하는지 알아봅니다.

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