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Empower designers with PLM Connect

Access all product development related information such as creative, technical and production detail details directly from Centric PLM.


What is Adobe® Illustrator PLM Connect from Centric Software?

An easy to use, class-leading link between Centric Software PLM and designers’ tool of choice. Adobe Illustrator Connect allows users to work 100% within the Centric Software PLM environment.

Empower the design community

Sketch and create Sketch and create colors and other product information from Adobe Illustrator while being seamlessly connected to Centric PLM

Seamlessly access textiles Seamlessly access textiles, fabrics and colors from within Centric PLM – the same set of information used by the all other teams and suppliers

BOM Builder Use the new BOM Builder to start building Bills of Material directly in Illustrator. Share sketches and other information directly in Centric PLM for better collaboration with brand managers and merchandisers

Get products to market faster and easier

Creative and technical aspects Minimize non-value added work so that designers can focus more on the creative and technical aspects of product development

 Product information Centralize all information pertinent to the product development cycle such as creative, technical and production related details to ensure consistent product information.

Rework and improving communications Shorten the product development lifecycle by eliminating rework and improving communications

How does Centric’s BOM Builder work?

Select materials Select materials from Centric PLM material library

 Quantity and placement Define material quantity and placement

Build your own BOM Build your own BOM from scratch, or leverage BOM templates to create a new one in Adobe and send it over to Centric PLM.

Easily edit existing BOM Easily edit existing BOM: add materials, dividers or reorder BOM lines

Design and development Save time, reduce errors, facilitate communication between design and development

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