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Benchmark Competitive Assortments to Drive Product Decisions & Maximize Revenues

Inflation is here. A recession is coming.

These are headlines impacting branding and retailing strategies as we enter 2023. What are you doing about it and how will you and your teams do it?

To build an effective plan, you need to know:

  • What products are consumers willing to pay for?
  • How can you bring these products to market profitably?
  • Are you maximizing OTB?

Watch our webinar replay to learn the 2023 ‘need to know’:

  • Which technologies are available to make and sell better products while lowering COGS, maximizing prices and ensuring maximum sell-through
  • How to gain market insights into specific competitors/products
  • How to avoid overstocking some SKUs and understocking others
  • How to answer critical questions: are brands and retailers raising prices, only to lower them via discounting/promotions? What types of products are consumers willing to pay more for?
  • Tools that can give you insights into your specific brand and/or retail strategy
  • How to become more agile and position yourself optimally to react to the market
  • The benefits of technologies such as Retail Planning and PLM – and who uses them.

Ready to start the new year off right? Understand the strategy and technology you need to tackle 2023 head-on!


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